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LifeBalance Program

LifeBalance Program

Boost Engagement with LifeBalance

Looking for a member or employee benefit that will excite your population? One that will help them save money on their favorite activities? One that will encourage them to be active, reduce stress and lead a balanced lifestyle? A member discount program with a wellness focus, LifeBalance is the perfect solution for any organization looking to offer attractive benefits, boost engagement and encourage members or employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Classic LifeBalance Program:

With a discount vendor network made up of more than 10,000 recreational- and wellness-related businesses, the Classic LifeBalance Program is a fantastic benefit that offers savings for people of all interests and abilities. Popular discounts include savings at health clubs, yoga studios, performing arts venues, regional attractions, sporting events, ski resorts, hotels, spas and more. The program also offers a variety of individual wellness tools that help members reach their wellness goals.

LifeBalance Wellness Challenges:

LifeBalance offers a variety of wellness challenges, including walking challenges, physical activity challenges, weight management challenges and more. Each challenge offers a unique focus, but all are customizable, turnkey, programs that motivate employees to be active! Clients who’ve implemented challenges report healthier employee habits, improved employee morale during and after the challenges, and positive changes in company culture and productivity.

Additional Wellness Services:

LifeBalance also provides employee incentive design and fulfillment, pedometers, health fairs and events, biometric screenings and health risk assessments, all of which can be purchased either a-la-carte or incorporated into an annual wellness calendar.