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Clinical Director (LISW or LPCC), Cleveland, OH

Women's Recovery Center


Cleveland, OH

June 21, 2018

Clinical Director

Statement of Work: The Clinical Director is a full-time position to provide administrative and compliance oversight and supervision of the clinical staff.

Supervision: The position reports to the Executive Director and has supervision responsibilities for the clinical staff of six (6) Counselors and a Case Manager. All clinical staff members are licensed as Social Workers or Licensed Clinical Counselors.


  1. Directs the day-to-day functions and program development of the treatment programs in compliance with ODMHAS Standards and “Best Practices.”
  2. Inform Women’s Recovery Center of developments and trends in areas of mental health, substance abuse, and trauma treatment that may have a bearing on Women Recovery Center’s programs, clients, staff, or community.
  3. Provides orientation, training and supervision of the Clinical Team and documenting the outcomes and performance issues
  4. Prepares monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports of program activities to ODMHAS and ADMHSB of Cuyahoga County detailed on the report submission matrix.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of Ohio’s BH Redesign and impact on the relevant changes in programming and billing.
  6. Have demonstrated experience in the integration of physical and behavioral healthcare in a Managed Care environment.
  7. Supervises the maintenance of accurate and comprehensive charts in compliance with ODMHAS Standards and ASAM criteria.
  8. Assist in the accreditation and continuance of CARF accreditation.
  9. Monitor reporting of Women’s Setaside and Medicaid for the completeness of the claims and accuracy of the information
  10. Serve as the Privacy and Security Officer for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act thus ensuring that the organization is compliant with the legislation and security and safety.
  11. Supervise the adherence to the Quality Assurance, Utilization Review programs and procedures.
  12. Cultivate the referral network to inform referral sources of the treatment programs.
  13. Facilitate weekly Clinical Team meetings.
  14. In the event of a staff vacancy, fill-in to provide seamless services for the clients
  15. Assists the Executive Director in grantwriting functions impacting upon the treatment programs.
  16. Explore and determine the feasibility of expanded programming including dual diagnosis treatment services

Requirements: The Clinical Director must maintain eligibility for independent licensure as an LISW or LPCC. Master’s degree in a related field is preferred. Employees must demonstrate agreement to abide by policies and procedures outlined in the Employee Procedures manual and State and Federal mandates concerning the privacy and confidentiality of clients. Clinical staff members must have training in all areas of the program applications, protocols and curriculum.

Areas for Review: To quantify the job performance, the areas for review include:

  • 95% Compliance with ODMHAS clinical and reporting standards;
  • 90% Acceptance of revenue claims;
  • Achieving the clinical census capacity.

Send resumes to:

Executive Director
Women’s Recovery Center
6209 Storer Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

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