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Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chehalis, WA

Valley View Health Center

Chief Executive Officer

Chehalis, WA

October 17, 2018


Organization: Valley View Health Center (VVHC) ( )

Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


LuAnn Carlson, Senior Partner
Corporate Strategies & Development, LLC
Phone: 425.828.0128

Mary Ellen Walton, Director of Administration & Communication
Phone: 425.463.5558

Location: Chehalis, WA

Reports to: Board of Directors

Direct Reports: CFO, Operations Director, Human Resources Director, Medical Director, Dental Director, Behavioral Health Director, Pharmacy Director, IT Director and Executive Assistant


Our Mission:

To improve the health and well-being of the community by providing quality and compassionate health care services in a patient-centered atmosphere respecting individual and cultural diversity.

Our Vision:

  • We are a collaborative model with Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health working together for the best, measured, clinical outcomes for our patients.
  • We understand that all patients are unique and have their own individual and cultural values.
  • We focus our services on those patients who have chosen us as their primary health care home.
  • We value our employees and financial resources, and we are all responsible for cultivating and respecting those resources.
  • We believe that quality care needs to be delivered in the communities where our patients live.


Valley View Health Center is a non-profit, federally qualified health center committed to providing quality integrated medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services to families and individuals of all ages, regardless of the ability to pay. We currently have 13 locations, serving patients in three counties (Lewis County, Pacific County and Thurston County, WA). Valley View Health Center has provided over 655,700 patient visits since 2005. We are continually expanding our services to include more clinic locations, new services in specialties for behavioral health, pediatrics, and pharmacy. Please see VVHC website ( for more information on our presence in the communities.


Valley View has 10 clinics in three counties Pacific, Lewis and Thurston, located in the southwest corner of Washington State. Chehalis, where the VVHC headquarters is located, is in the heart of Lewis County. Driving from the VVHC Headquarters to the most outlying clinic can an hour or more during parts of the winter.

In contrast to Thurston County, home to the state government, Lewis and Pacific Counties are particularly isolated incorporating some special challenges including a sparsely populated traditional rural county and high child poverty. The community and landscapes are vast and varied.


The CEO of Valley View Health Center (VVHC) is responsible for oversight and management of ongoing operations of VVHC, including both internal and external related activities. Accountability includes operations management, fiscal viability, contract management, public relations, community relations especially cross-cultural relations, fundraising, and coordination with public agencies and groups. The CEO, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, positions the organization to operate effectively in the current and anticipated health care environment. In addition, the CEO is responsible for coordination, liaison, and support to the Board of Directors in the organization and execution of their duties and in development of the mission, goals, and values of the Center. The CEO is also responsible for understanding the health care policy, legislative, and regulatory environment in which VVHC operates personally and through the local FQHC Association VVHC successes have been helped by the various collaborations and being a part of the communities we serve. The CEO will be required to be engaged on various boards and committees to further our strategic initiatives.


A. Board Relations:

  1. Work with the Board of Directors to develop, implement and maintain the mission and goals of the organization.
    • Support the Board in the development of the mission, goals and values and incorporate this in policy statements for staff.
    • Operate in accordance with VVHC’s mission, goals and values in dealing with the staff, patients, and the public.
  2. Execute the Board’s directives in a manner consistent with the mission, goals and values of the organization.
    • Execute Board directives effectively and appropriately.
    • Work with the Board of Directors to sustain itself through effective recruitment, orientation & training of community-representative Board members.
  3. Support the Board of Directors in maintaining and updating effective Board structures, processes, and effective meetings.
    • Coordinate development and publishing of the Board agenda and Board meeting packet with the Board President and provide adequate notice of Board meetings.
    • Provide information to Board members in the appropriate form and language in advance of Board meetings so Board members can adequately fulfill their responsibilities as Board members.
  4. Inform the Board of Directors on a timely basis of issues, needs, developments, etc., which affect VVHC in the fulfillment of its mission, goals and values including those relating to cross-cultural issues.

B. Strategic Planning and Development

  1. Participate with the Board and executive staff in the development of long-term and strategic plans, objectives, and policies for the organization.
  2. Assume primary responsibility for assuring that VVHC program planning and development activities are coordinated with the rest of the community clinic system.
  3. Work with other components of the community health system on overall systems development.
  4. Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with other organizations, including maintaining connections with public policy makers at federal, state and local levels.
  5. Establish and maintain liaisons and working relationships with current and potential funding sources.
  6. Complete annual operating plans to facilitate the achievement of goals established in VVHC’ short and long- term strategic plans.
  7. Negotiate and oversee development and management of grants, contracts and leases.
  8. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, oversee the conduct of periodic organizational evaluations.
  9. Represents VVHC in local community forums in all of the communities where we have as presence to ensure VVHC understands those communities and acts as a good corporate citizen.

C. Public Relations and External Communications

  1. Serve as the primary spokesperson for the organization on behalf of low-income residents served by VVHC.
  2. Oversee the annual legislative strategy communication and marketing plan for the organization.
  3. Encourage the continued integration of VVHC with the community by implementing and maintaining an effective communication strategy.
  4. Generate community involvement through auxiliary, volunteer, and staff programs.
  5. Speak before community and business groups about healthcare issues to meet the community healthcare’s needs as they relate to the underserved.
  6. Participates in the leadership and activities of state and regional primary care associations and other affiliated organizations.

D. General Administration and Financial Management

  1. Oversee the administration of the organization to ensure that Board goals and objectives are met and that staff work plans are consistent with those goals and objectives.
  2. Maintain a balanced budget in compliance with VVHC’s funding source requirements and oversee effective financial management which supports the mission, values and goals of VVHC.
  3. Establish formal responsibilities and accountabilities of all members of the executive management team and provide feedback and development, as needed.
  4. On a periodic basis, evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative structure; recommend changes as appropriate.

E. Personnel Management

  1. Build, lead and sustain a highly effective executive team.
  2. Evaluate and update executive staff job descriptions and work standards.
  3. Recruit, interview and select candidates for positions supervised.
  4. Lead and attend management meetings to direct and plan for achievement of goals.

F. Quality of Health Care Services

  1. Monitor the adequacy and quality of VVHC’ clinical activities through coordination with the Board of Directors, Medical/Dental/Behavioral Health Staff, etc. to ensure quality expectations are met.
  2. Create an operational environment which facilitates the effective practice of Medicine and Dentistry.
  3. Promote the delivery of healthcare service in a cost-effective manner consistent with maintaining, if not exceeding, acceptable quality as directed by the Board of Directors and other external agencies.
  4. Ensure VVHC has the appropriate risk management program and is properly insured according to industry guidelines.
  5. Ensure compliance with regulations and governing bodies.

G. Development and Fund Raising

  1. Ensures the organization has knowledge of fund-raising and development opportunities available.
  2. Maintains formal and informal communications with funding organizations and their representatives.
  3. Directly, and through subordinate staff, prepares and presents grant proposals to the Board.

H. Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration, Public Health, Business Administration or related area.
  • 10+ years’ experience of progressively greater levels of responsibility in primary health care organizations of similar size or larger.
  • Knowledge of the practices of medicine, dentistry and behavioral health sufficient to understand their roles within the organization and the general health care industry at large, to communicate effectively with practitioners and understand how to reconcile the needs of the practices with the business practices of the organization.
  • Knowledge of accounting and financial analysis practices sufficient to understand financial reports and understand the impact of financial performance on the organization’s operations.
  • Demonstrated experience and passion for working with culturally, socioeconomic, and ethnically diverse populations- both patients and staff in a rural setting
  • Deep understanding of small, remote, rural communities – peer development, governmental representation, and a collaborative style
  • Demonstrated achievements to build collaborative partnerships to help advance VVHC in the broader community county/state wide
  • Commitment and demonstrated experience in their ability to establish and achieve quality outcomes and drive operational excellence
  • Superior integrity and proven track record of high ethical behavior – someone who will do the right thing, not just do things right.
  • An effective team builder, who will invest in and develop their leadership team
  • A strong leader- able to engage people internally and externally to achieve consensus on a direction
  • Intellectual acumen and heft balanced with the ability to see over the horizon and plan/anticipate as change is coming so they can seize strategic opportunities
  • Emotional intelligence- an intuitive person who has high sensitivity to their environment and the way people might be feeling
  • Someone who is fair, objective, and won’t pass judgment before having all the facts
  • An innovator- creative thinker that can embrace change and growth


  • Master’s level degree in Health Care Administration, Public Health, Business Administration or related area.
  • Experience with and/or understanding of the issues facing Community Health Centers and the changing landscape of reimbursement methodologies.
  • Understanding of, and familiarity with, public policy and public policy makers related to the delivery of primary care services including FQCHCs.


  • A charismatic leader, able to engage and inspire a wide range of people with varied perspectives and personalities.
  • Clearly articulated and internalized passion for the work VVHC does and the people it serves.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills with equal aptitude speaking to an individual or to a large audience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a professional demeanor and presentation.
  • Recognizes the inherent strengths of diverse communities.
  • A well nuanced individual, who consistently demonstrates a balance between self-confidence and humility.
  • Demonstration of initiative, creativity and follow-through, willing to hold people accountable for performance.
  • Finely tuned listening skills, able to assimilate information quickly and engender trust.
  • Demonstrated natural curiosity that ‘asks’ and leverages the strengths of their team before ‘telling’ how to do something.


  • Develop strong partnership with VVHC’s Board and staff, gaining full understanding of existing expertise.
  • Leverage existing and develop additional collaborative relationships with external partners to enhance VVHC’s leadership role locally and regionally across the northwest.
  • Continue to address and creatively solve the challenge of provider recruitment and retention.
  • Improve operational excellence and quality metrics within VVHC while remaining sensitive to patient and staff needs in the rural communities VVHC serves.
  • Leverage existing and develop additional broad based, collaborative relationships with community partners toward the goal of ensuring the highest caliber safety net in Lewis County and surrounding communities.


A competitive salary and benefit package commensurate with similar positions in non-profit community health settings.

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