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Financial Controller, Othello, WA

Columbia Basin Health Association


Othello, WA

December 12, 2018

Columbia Basin Health Association New Building

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TITLE Financial Controller


Primary Accountability

Responsible for the Accounting Department staff, ensuring all financial information collected in the general ledger is accurate and complete. Prepares financial statements in accordance with GAAP, annual Medicaid and Medicare cost reports, annual UDS report, and Organization's annual budget.

Description of Primary Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for Fiscal management
    • Develops and maintains spreadsheets and financial records with current information on cash and investment balances
    • Monitors cash flow to accurately predict the need for cash or a surplus
    • Maintains records tracking credit card and line of credit balances
    • Maintains Fixed Asset Ledger and oversees preparation of monthly depreciation
  2. Responsible for Financial Reporting
    • Ensures timely and accurate preparation of month end entries
    • Prepares work papers for annual fiscal audit
    • Engages with year-end Auditors to determine applicability of new accounting standards to the Organization’s Financial Statements
    • Ensures internal financial statements match year-end audited statements
    • Evaluates financial reports for applicability of GAAP Standards
    • Prepares regular statements for the CEO, CFO, and the Board of Directors
    • Prepares monthly Statement of Cash Flow
    • Ensures required Federal, State and Local tax reports are filed properly
  3. Responsible for Supervising the Accounting Department
    • Oversees Staff Accountants, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Purchasing
    • Maintains monthly department schedules
    • Ensures consistent coverage of departmental duties
    • Provides a desirable work environment to promote high morale and job satisfaction
    • Provides performance feedback to staff on a regular basis
  4. Responsible for the Organizational General Ledger
    • Reviews and posts Accounts Payable batches
    • Maintains the Chart of Accounts with accurate definitions
    • Assumes primary responsibility for all information contained in the general ledger
    • Develops and implements procedures to evaluate and approve all financial information prior to posting in the general ledger
    • Reviews, investigates and corrects errors and inconsistencies in financial data
    • Ensures Accounting Systems software upgrades occur with minimal disruption to workflow in order to keep systems current
    • Maintains a Balance Sheet account reconciliation plan
  5. Responsible for the Purchasing Department function
    • Manages the Electronic Requisition software
    • Ensures adequate supply inventories are maintained
    • Provides support to the Purchasing Clerk
  6. Other duties assigned
    • Completes electronic transfers to the bank – payroll and accounts payable
    • Serves as backup to payroll processing and bonus calculations
    • Serves as backup to Revenue Accountant
    • Supports UDS and cost report preparation


Professional and Technical Knowledge:

  1. Possesses knowledge and training in the field of Business Administration at the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree with emphasis in Finance or Accounting.
  2. Possesses a Certified Public Accountant designation and five (5) years of experience in a similar role or ten (10) years of experience in a similar role.
  3. Possesses familiarity with the processes and operations performed in an Accounting Department with general ledger knowledge.
  4. Familiar with established Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), accounting standards, and procedures.

REPORTS TO: Chief Financial Officer
SUPERVISES: Staff Accountants, Accounting Clerks, Purchasing Agents and Central Service Distribution Technicians
OPEN DATE 7/3/2018
LOCATION Othello Clinic

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