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Dental Program Director, Othello, WA

Columbia Basin Health Association


Othello, WA

December 12, 2018

Columbia Basin Health Association New Building

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Dental Program Director


This position manages, directs and supports CBHA’s dental programs and provides leadership and oversight of clinical practices, regulatory compliance, safety and standards of care, peer review and credentialing. This position is also responsible for the administrative practices relevant to the clinic in the absence of the Chief Clinical Officer (i.e., the Chief Operations Officer shall be responsible for the business administration in the absence of the Chief Executive Officer).

At Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA) we never have to wonder whether the work we do is worthwhile. Each day we see victories and successes, big and small, in the lives of people who count on us.

Partner with Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA) for a rewarding career. Your dream to promote health and wellness, work with passionate people, and feel accomplished for doing important work while earning a reasonable paycheck is possible with us. Be a part of a healthcare movement as you grow your career. The size and culture of the organization provides an opportunity to work closely with leadership, lead initiatives, and see the results of your hard work. You ability to make an impact is limited only by your passion and creativity.


Clinical (80%):

  1. Evaluates the current health and condition of patient’s teeth to determine diagnosis of dental condition, if any
  2. Informs patient on how to prevent dental problems and keep their teeth and mouth as healthy as possible
  3. Completes treatment on affected gums, decayed and fractured teeth, and perform tooth removal for cases where there are high levels of decay
  4. Considers treatment methods and explains the options with the patient to determine which works best for them based on their situation
  5. Keeps all equipment functional and clean
  6. Complete dental charting consistent with timelines outlined in company policy
  7. Monitors and evaluate any x-ray images for any part of the patient’s oral cavity
  8. Refers patients to orthodontists or other dental specialist for more advanced procedures and care

Administrative (20%):

  1. Develops, maintains and implements formal clinic policies and procedures; guide dentists and professional staff to deliver consistent standards of care according policies and assuring clinical practices are above reproach and of the highest quality
  2. Evaluates the professional staff to insure performance goals related to production, clinical quality and regulatory compliance
  3. Provides clinical oversight for CBHA hosted clinical student rotations and residencies
  4. Collaborates with Chief Clinical Officer to develop nationally recognized dental quality program focused on providing timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered, and safe care
  5. Collaborates with the Chief Operations Officer and other clinic management to ensure smooth operation of clinic and programs including staffing and patient visit ratios, scheduling, cost-benefit of programs; advise on facilities and equipment purchases and repairs
  6. Evaluates effectiveness of all Dental Staff department programs, analyze trends and implement changes as required
  7. Ensures continued accreditation with regulatory organizations
  8. Provides consultation to health care providers as needed to facilitate problem-focused studies of patient care, which may include advice and support for clinical/legal implications of quality issues.
  9. Directly participates in recruitment of dental personnel
  10. Represents CBHA at community events as requested


Professional and Clinical Knowledge:

  1. Graduation from an accredited Dental school, maintaining authoritative skill and knowledge in the principles of sound dental practice. Able to teach dental personnel the base of knowledge necessary when preparing to fulfill a career in Dentistry.
  2. A thorough understanding of the theory and practices of healthcare, typically acquired through completion of a Master’s Degree program with a major or concentration in Business Administration from an accredited college or university. Training and experience can be substituted for formal education, depending on the nature and duration.
  3. Familiar with advancements in information privacy strategies and technologies to ensure practice adaptation and compliance.
  4. Possesses a high level of supervisory skill and expertise, including the management and development of multiple staff members performing jobs of varying responsibility and level, typically not acquired in less than five years of professional staff management experience.

Technical Skills:

  1. Possesses knowledge in science of oral health
  2. Possesses manual dexterity and a steady hand
  3. Possesses ability to concentrate for long periods of time
  4. Possesses the ability to use specialist equipment
  5. Possesses knowledge of statistics, data collection, outcome measurements and ability to prepare and interpret data in complex documents, including tables, charts, graphs and other elements
  6. Ability to utilize software relative to formation of letters, graphs, and other documents as necessary to perform operational duties
  7. Ability to develop sophisticated presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, including the use of embedded objects, transitions and other elements

Communication Skills:

  1. Job duties require the employee to effectively communicate complex and/or technical information to co-workers and others
  2. Employees are required to negotiate resolutions to complex situations which may be inherently adversarial
  3. Employees must determine appropriate methods of communicating information through the use of tables, graphs, charts and other visual forms
  4. Duties require preparation and execution of presentations to large groups
  5. Speaks clearly and persuasively in a positive or negative situation; listens and gets clarification, responds well to questions; participates in meetings
  6. Be able to communicate effectively in a professional manner

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