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Xray Technologist, On Call, Tacoma, WA

TRA Medical Imaging


Tacoma, WA

July 2, 2019

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Technologist XRay, On Call

On Call Part-Time
Requisition ID : 1038

To enjoy successful employment with TRA you must exhibit a strong work ethic, conduct yourself with honesty and integrity in all aspects of the position. Be able to conduct business, keeping patients as the central focus, through our values of Trust, Respect and Accountability, while always being sensitive to confidentiality. Accuracy, professionalism, thoroughness and compliance with specifications according to departmental and company expectations are requirements of all positions. Listen to and understand the needs of the patient or customer; use collaborative solutions in problem-solving as appropriate; deliver work products and services in a way that reflect the company’s mission, vision, and values.

TRA is seeking an On Call X-ray Technologist to perform radiologic functions in accordance with ARRT standards and ethics. Candidate will accurately implement the orders of the referring physician, producing radiographs with minimum patient exposure and repeatability. Candidate should be familiar with Fluoroscopy procedures such Barium Enemas & Upper GI’s and able to obtain a thorough patient history as it relates to patient exam. Candidate must present consistent high quality radiographs to the radiologist on a daily basis. Performs necessary computer functions associated with patient exam. Registry or registry eligible as a Radiologic Technologist with valid Washington State Certification.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Provides patient care in accordance with the mission statement of TRA Medical Imaging.
  2. Prepares the patient for a radiologic exam with clear instructions and a thorough explanation of the procedure.
  3. Obtains a thorough patient history as it relates to the exam to be completed.
  4. Able to assist the Radiologist during Fluoroscopic procedures when applicable.
  5. The Radiologic Technologist must be able to closely follow provider instructions, prepare radiographic/fluoroscopy equipment, position patients correctly and accurately capture the diagnostic image.
  6. Able to complete examinations in a timely manner
  7. Adheres to the exam protocols as established by the department
  8. Utilize proper radiation safety devices such as lead aprons and thyroid collars to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.
  9. Shields patient from unnecessary radiation exposure. ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achieved) Radiation Safety principle.
  10. Able to assist and radiograph wheelchair patients as well as infants in positioning devices such as a Piggostat.
  11. Completes Modality Worksheet with accurate information for the Radiologist
  12. Maintains high standards regarding the accurate recording of patient information
  13. Utilizes accurate written and oral communications with patients, physicians, co-workers and supervisors.
  14. Utilizes exemplary customer service skills with patient and family members.
  15. Performs necessary computer functions associated with patient exam
  16. Keeps work area and patient exam areas neat and stocked with appropriate supplies.
  17. Participates in orientation and in-service training for personnel
  18. Maintains a professional demeanor with confidentiality
  19. Is prompt and efficient with minimal absences
  20. Able to apply IV principles under the scope of practice for Radiologic Technologists.
  21. Cooperates and maintains good rapport with co-workers to ensure proper patient care and efficient workflow.
  22. Adheres to the dress code of TRA
  23. Wear Radiation Badge daily
  24. Able to use good body mechanics to avoid injury to oneself and the patient
  25. Able to travel to other TRA offices. (Tacoma, Lakewood & Olympia) if needed
  26. Performs other related duties as required and assigned.


Education/Work Experience

Required: Graduate from an Accredited Radiologic Technology program. One or more years of radiology experience in a medical facility preferred. ARRT registered or registry eligible. Washington State Licensure required. Current CPR card.

Job Knowledge/Skills

Able to perform a variety of radiologic examinations. The skilled technologist must be patient focused and able to adapt their skills for pediatric as well as geriatric patients.

Physical Requirements

Work is classified as moderate in physical requirements. Must be able to support or lift patients of varying weight. Ability to stand, walks, or sit for extended periods of time. Reaching by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction. Also requires manual dexterity sufficient to manipulate objects with fingers rather than with whole hand(s) or arm(s), for example, using a keyboard. Require the technologist to manipulate heavy equipment and maneuver patients who may be disabled. Vision within normal range.

Mental Requirements

Work requires high attention to detail and the ability to handle mentally stressful situations. The ability to maintain high level of sensitivity towards confidential information is also required.

Working/Environmental Conditions

Radiologic Technologists are potentially exposed to radiation on a daily basis and must take the proper precautions to protect themselves. Possible exposure to communicable diseases.

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