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Medical Technologist, Cordova, AK

Cordova Community Medical Center


Cordova, AK

July 10, 2019

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Medical Technologist

Supervisor: CEO
Status: Full-Time
Department/Division: Laboratory
Classification: Non-Exempt


Provide accurate, timely and cost effective testing of patient samples to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.



  • Obtain patient specimens using commonly accepted techniques to ensure specimen quality used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Performs analysis of patient specimens exercising discrimination and utilizing complex instrumentation to obtain accurate quantitative and/or qualitative results.
  • Recognize critical values and follows policies for appropriate reporting.
  • Does not report patient results unless quality control data are within accepted parameters.
  • Recognizes out of control values, takes corrective action, and notifies others of changes.
  • Performs required preventative maintenance procedures in laboratory instrumentation.
  • Assumes responsibility to resolve problems.
  • Possesses adequate knowledge of instrumentation, theory, and application of new and existing tests.
  • Maintains and develops professional competence through journals and educational functions.
  • Acts independently on supervisor’s direction and accepts responsibility of the adopted policy and procedures of the hospital and the laboratory department.
  • Follows the laboratory safety policies and participates in safety education programs.
  • Investigates and resolves technical problems, consults supervisor if resolution involves policy or procedure modification.
  • Shares call duty and works different shifts as required.
  • Follows department policy for data retrieval, record keeping, specimen, and identification, requisition, reporting, charting, and billing procedures.
  • Maintains positive working relationship with the medical staff and hospital personnel.


  • Consistently produces and verifies test results for accuracy, monitors written reports and laboratory paperwork with minimal clerical errors and omissions.
  • Tests are performed according to departmental procedure and guidelines and test results are correctly and legible entered on the patient report forms and departmental records.
  • Specimens are checked as to their condition, acceptability and appropriateness to the test and exceptions are noted.
  • Special assigned work or projects are completed as instructed.
  • Maintains a neat, sanitary, organized work area.
  • Keeps an adequate supply of working materials on hand.
  • Work pending is organized and appropriately left for follow up.
  • Follows established protocols for quality control requirements.
  • Performs venipunctures, capillary punctures, and arterial punctures accurately and rarely has a need to redo a patient.
  • All laboratory requisitions are attended to promptly.
  • Morning tests results are completed and delivered to the floor by 1100.
  • All critical values are reported promptly to the physician and charge nurse.
  • Follows protocol for proficiency testing to include testing sample and handling paperwork within the specified time period.
  • Charge slips are accurate, complete, and legible.


  • Performs maintenance as scheduled, when asked, and within the appropriate time frame.
  • Records maintenance and any corrective action performed. Recognizes complex and/or reoccurring problems and follows through appropriately.
  • Maintenance information concerning instrument problems is passed on to others.
  • Always performs AM start up and PM shut down procedures.


  • Checks that all types in the inventory are available and within expiration guidelines.
  • Performs quality control tests when necessary.
  • Gives attention to accurate record keeping of tests performed with special attention given to labeling of the blood bags and log books.
  • Reviews donor cards to assure that they are complete.
  • Has ability to assess any emergency situation and choose the appropriate course of action.


  • Regularly inspects the Coulter blood cell counter before use to insure the instrument is in proper working order.
  • Monitors Coulter printouts to verify patient results. Checks all unusual results by rerunning sample and/or by means of the differential.


  • Regularly inspects the MLA 750 coagulation timer to insure the instrument is in proper working order.
  • Runs the patient sample and control sample in duplicate.


  • Follows department protocol to inoculate, cultivate, classify and identify microorganisms.
  • Effectively utilizes job knowledge in determining and differentiating microorganisms.
  • Knows when and which organisms should be considered clinically significant.


  • Always checks the established linearity of a procedure to insure test results are within acceptable limits.
  • Calculations with the final results are written on the ACA print-out or log sheet.
  • Reagent outdates are monitored. Calibrations are done promptly.
  • Unexpected, greatly abnormal or discrepant values, either on a control or patient specimen, are promptly investigated.


  • Insures the blood gas analyzer is functioning properly prior to obtaining arterial blood samples.
  • Performs analysis without delay.

The above is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of essential functions for the job described, but rather a general description of some of the responsibilities necessary to carry out the duties of this position.


EDUCATION: Must possess a degree in medical technology from an accredited college or university program and/or must meet the qualifications for a technologist as defined in the Federal Register. Must be licensed and/or registered by an approved accrediting agency.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum, two (2) years general laboratory experience. Must have a thorough understanding of the principles, theories, techniques and practice of medical technology in an acute care setting. Must have a minimum of one year of supervisory experience in a clinical laboratory.

REQUIREMENTS: Must posses a valid current registration from an approved accrediting agency. Also posses the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action. Ability to implement and interpret the policies and procedures of the laboratory department. Must be able to work in confined area with other personnel. May be required to lift patients, medical equipment, supplies, etc. in excess of 100 pounds. Must be able to detect color changes in specimens, chemical reactions, and staining procedures.


Upon date of Hire: Current Negative TB Test
Ability to Pass a DHSS Criminal History Check and Drug Test
Must be current in all immunizations

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