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Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Shingletown, CA

Shingletown Medical Center


Shingletown, CA

September 6, 2019

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JOB TITLE: Behavioral Health Therapist/LCSW
DEPARTMENT: Behavioral Health
WAGE: $40.00 per hour
WORK SETTING: Office/Clinical Environment
REVISED: 03-2019

JOB SUMMARY: Under the general supervision of the CEO, the Behavioral Health Therapist/LCSW, as part of the primary care treatment team, identifies, triages and manages patients with medical and behavioral health problems within the primary care setting. In addition, the Behavioral Health Therapist will provide skill training through psycho-education and patient education strategies and will develop specific behavioral change plans for patients and behavioral health protocols for target populations.


  1. Assist primary health care providers in diagnosing, recognizing and treating mental disorders, emotional problems, substance abuse, and psychosocial problems.
  2. Facilitate individual and group therapy for all ages.
  3. Be available to the primary health care providers for consultation, and brief consultative contacts.
  4. Be available to patients for crisis intervention during their visits with primary health care providers or when needed.
  5. Work with the primary care team to treat and manage patients with chronic mental/emotional and/or health problems efficiently and effectively.
  6. Assist in the identification of “at risk” patients and develop plans to prevent further psychological and/or physical decompensation.
  7. Assist in preventing relapse or morbidity in conditions that tend to recur over time.
  8. Evaluate patient care treatment plans with primary care team as needed.
  9. Teach patients, families and staff about care, prevention, and treatment enhancement techniques.
  10. Serve as a member of SMC committees, as well as those committees and agencies in the community as needed or requested.
  11. Participate in evaluation of peers and support staff as needed.
  12. Work with the Medical Director to assure ongoing review of quality and appropriateness of diagnoses and treatment through discussion on medication usage, clinical performance, appropriate treatment and patient satisfaction.
  13. Track and prepare reports on health outcomes as needed or requested.
  14. Participate in quality assurance reflecting indicators of quality of care and appropriate documentation.
  15. Assist in the development of behavioral health policies, procedures and protocols to improve overall patient care.
  16. Serve as an integral member in addressing patient satisfaction issues.
  17. Working with medical staff by providing information on diagnostic issues and make recommendations for possible clinical solutions and treatment.
  18. Assess the clinical status of patients referred by primary care providers through brief consultative contacts.
  19. Work with primary care providers to refer cases to mental health specialists as appropriate.
  20. Assist patients referred by primary care providers for Telepsych as required.


  1. Excellent working knowledge of behavioral medicine and evidence-based treatments for medical and mental health conditions.
  2. Ability to make quick and accurate clinical assessments of mental and behavioral conditions.
  3. High level of comfort in working with primary care medical providers using a consultative style.
  4. Ability to work through brief patient contacts, including via telephone and teleconferencing.
  5. Good knowledge of, and ability to work within own scope of practice with psychopharmacology.
  6. Ability to design and implement clinical pathways and protocols for treatment of selected mental and behavioral conditions.
  7. Ability to design effective psycho-education curricula and lead effective psychoeducation classes.
  8. Ability to train and teach effective behavioral health interventions and the primary behavioral health model to medical practitioners and other behavioral health providers.
  9. Ability to work effectively interfacing with patients, primary care providers, consulting psychiatrists and mental health specialists, as well as with administrative and support staff.
  10. Ability to exercise balanced judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions, and to handle difficult or confrontational situations in a calm, consistent, and equitable manner.
  11. Familiarity with laws and regulations as pertaining to the standard LCSW scope of practice.
  12. Ability to effectively represent SMC interests in the community and maintain effective working relationships among co-workers, public, private, and professional groups.
  13. Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or government regulations.
  14. Understand and implement security levels as stated in the HIPAA manual.


  1. Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or PhD in Psychology.
  2. Current California licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Clinical Psychologist.


  1. Two years counseling experience.
  2. Experience in QA, QA and HIPAA.
Computer literate with knowledge of computerized data collection, case management and the ability to maintain computerized tracking systems

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