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Director Laboratory Services, South Bend, IN

Organization: The South Bend Clinic
Category: Director
Location: South Bend, IN
Date Job Posted: March 17, 2020
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POSITION: Director Laboratory Services

DEPARTMENT: Laboratory

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for overseeing technical activities of assigned clinical laboratory areas. Develops departmental policies and procedures, along with new technical procedures and ensures laboratory personnel maintain current knowledge of laboratory techniques, procedures, and equipment operation. Ensures high quality patient care as well as adherence to regulatory agency standards by developing and managing maintenance of departmental quality control programs.

POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Directly manages the Laboratory Technical and Phlebotomy Supervisors and has overall responsibility for the full scope of Laboratory Services.


  1. Supports and executes goals and strategies as agreed upon by Physician Leadership and Administration.
  2. Acts as a liaison between physicians and Administration.
  3. Ensures daily operations and facilitates safe and efficient patient care.
  4. Recruits and retains high quality laboratory staff with assistance from the Laboratory Technical and Phlebotomy Supervisors.
  5. Conducts the Counseling and Corrective Action process with employee based on the documentation from the Laboratory Technical and Phlebotomy Supervisor and approval from Human Resources.
  6. Provides appropriate resources to practices/programs.
  7. Facilitates physician communication across department.
  8. Executes due diligence on physician requests and new business development opportunities in a timely manner.
  9. Proactively identifies opportunities to expand revenue sources, reduce expenses, and enhance referral patterns and systems within the Clinic and across the market.
  10. Develops operating and capital budgets, and executes expense management within budgeted guidelines.
  11. Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of blood and specimen procurement, including venipuncture fingure sticks, and other procedures as required.
  12. Ensures that laboratory and phlebotomy staff follows all written protocols for specimen collection, processing, and test analyses, result notification, quality control, and maintenance. Takes appropriate disciplinary steps when the above does not occur.
  13. Works with administration and staff in addressing opportunities identified through process improvement efforts.
  14. Initiates and facilitates appropriate regular team meetings to ensure communication and understanding of practice and organizational goals.
  15. Manage the ongoing processes and preparation for the successful completion of the CLIA survey and other quality assurance surveys.
  16. Oversee the Laboratory Competency Program that evaluates and documents the competency of all testing personnel and assures that staff is competent to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately, and proficiently, in accordance with CLIA regulations.
  17. Oversee current laboratory quality control procedures to ensure appropriate steps are followed resulting in acceptable levels of analytic performance throughout the entire testing process.
  18. Identify new technology equipment replacement quality strategic plan for Laboratory Services.
  19. Manage the development and implementation of laboratory Quality Assurance initiatives.
  20. Exhibits a high level of judgment and expertise in all areas of the laboratory so that problems that arise are identified and resolved effectively. Management is notified and kept abreast of any ongoing issues.
  21. Completes employee performance reviews with input from the Laboratory Technical and Phlebotomy Supervisors.
  22. Develop goals and initiatives to further laboratory customer service initiatives, potential growth, and general Clinic objectives.
  23. Exhibits computer systems knowledge and proficiency as necessary to perform job functions.
  24. Demonstrates the attitudes and behaviors of The South Bend Clinic Service Standards.
  25. Performs other duties as assigned when appropriate.
  26. Adheres to HIPAA guidelines set forth in Clinic policies and procedures.



Bachelor’s degree along with MT-ASCP certification and a minimum of 5 years of managerial experience or equivalent is required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

A high level of subject, procedural, and analytical knowledge is required in order to interpret data, provide guidelines for operation in unprecedented situations, and propose solutions to difficult problems and to provide expert consultation. A high level of judgment and motivation is required in order to operate effectively in the non-routine functions of this position. Must be able to effectively utilize interpersonal and management skills and operate with a clear understanding of the clinic organizational structure. Must possess a high level of verbal and written skills in order to communicate effectively within the organization.

Special Demands/Requirements:


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