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Program Manager - COVID - 19, Bremerton, WA

Organization: Kitsap Public Health District
Category: Manager
Location: Bremerton, WA
Date Job Posted: July 10, 2020
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Program Manager 1

Salary $5,771.00 - $8,120.00 Monthly
Location 98337-1866, WA
Job Type Regular Full-Time
Department Community Health Division
Job Number 2020-018
Closing Continuous

Job Summary


Hours: 40 hours per week - 100% FTE, requires evening, weekends, and holiday work

Status: Regular status, permanent full-time position. Includes generous benefit package and participation in the Washington State Public Employee Retirement System

Open until filled. Seeking the ideal candidate to begin this important work as soon as possible

The Position

The COVID-19 Program Manager 1 will play a strategic and programmatic role in leading the Kitsap Public Health District’s response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is a management-level nursing position under the general direction of the Assistant Director of Community Health and the Director of Community Health. This position is responsible for leadership and technical support to the agency’s COVID-19 strategy and supports public health efforts to design and modify project activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its uncertainties. This position requires professional knowledge, experience, and responsibility in the control of communicable diseases. The incumbent will facilitate the widespread understanding and adoption of new health-related learning and global guidance as public health learns more about the virus and its potential impacts on our staff, our work, and our community. This position is responsible for the supervision of staff from all divisions who participate in COVID-19 response in coordination with management and executive leadership team members. Duties entail complex project management, integrating research and best practices into specific program areas, and providing program consultation and expertise. Responsibilities require advanced expertise in broadly evaluating options, presenting plans, and uniting others in support of COVID-19 response efforts to ensure the achievement and adaptation of COVID-19 response. As our COVID-19 response efforts occur seven days a week, Saturday and Sunday work will be required.

Please Note: Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. The ideal candidates will be contacted for interviews as soon as possible. Filling this important position is a priority during these uncertain times.

Essential Functions

  • Manages, directs, hires as needed, develops, and evaluates a diverse group of staff responding to COVID-19 in Kitsap County.
  • Coordinates with the District’s COVID-19 response work with the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Collaborates with incident command, community health and communicable disease leadership, internal and external stakeholders to achieve program goals and objectives.
  • Provides leadership and direction for COVID-19 activities and response, to include but not limited to, case and contact investigations, public health guidance, facilities outbreaks, prevention, isolation and quarantine, and provider support.
  • Develops, implements, and monitors operational goals and objective to support the District’s strategic directives.
  • Collaborates with the Public Information Officer, Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program, and District leadership to ensure appropriate and current messaging in regard to COVID-19 is available and distributed throughout our community.
  • Works collaboratively with the Environmental Health Division to integrate COVID-19 surge needs across divisions with a particular focus on policy work associated with COVID-19 and other pandemic response activities.
  • Develops, recommends, and reviews policies, protocols, and procedures for COVID-10 response activities and operations.
  • Ensures internal and external program requirements are met.
  • Assigns, orients, trains, supervises, and evaluates COVID-19 assigned staff using a participatory leadership approach; monitors performance and provides effective feedback.
  • In collaboration with the Division Director, develops, coordinates, reviews, and evaluates work plan(s).
  • Develops, prepares, and administers grants and contracts with outside agencies and other governmental agencies; reviews and interprets guidelines and requirements in the area of assignment.
  • Performs fiscal management in partnership with the Division Director and in coordination with the Finance Manager, to manage award and track expenditures including budget development, monitoring of revenues and expenditures, developing or improving funding mechanisms and sources, and ensures that the program is within budget and as cost effective as possible.
  • Incorporates workforce development to build leadership, population based, and policy development skills.
  • Prepares reports, grant applications, and develops and delivers public presentations as assigned or needed.
  • Actively participates in the public health accreditation process.
  • Represents the Health District at state, regional, and community conferences, meetings, functions, planning groups, coalitions and reports relevant content to appropriate Health District staff.
  • Assists in the development, facilitation, and implementation of performance management system work and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Attends scheduled management and staff meetings to keep current with procedural changes. Participates as a member of the District’s Management Team.
  • Conducts performance reviews and evaluations for assigned staff.
  • Accurately completes and approves electronic timecards on a weekly basis.
  • Completes timely and accurate random moments documentation to comply with contractual requirements of Medicaid Administrative Match.
  • Participates in and contributes to ad hoc special activities and assignments.
  • Support others in accomplishing goals and objectives.
  • Adheres to ethical principles and District policy in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information.
  • Keeps current on and complies with HIPAA and other privacy regulations.
  • Identifies, researches and analyzes pandemic trends; develops and modifies related procedures.
  • Works with staff to correct deficiencies; implements any necessary disciplinary action after appropriate consultation with the Division Director and Human Resources Manager.
  • Serves as a resource person for staff; motivates, and mentors staff in providing quality and appropriate quantity of work in assigned area utilizing resources efficiently; models and promotes team building skills among assigned staff.
  • Prepares a variety of letters, memos, minutes, contracts, forms, reports, and other documents; operates computers to produce documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, and ethnic, sexual orientation, lifestyles, and physical abilities.
  • Participates in CD On-Call rotation when appropriate and responds to public health emergencies as required.
  • Develops and considers alternatives to conventional approaches; encourages the generation and adoption of new ideas to improve existing programs and processes.
  • Serves as a positive agent for changes in the organization’s structural assignment, climate or operational processes. Ensures effective implementation of required changes.
  • Models a lean six sigma organizational culture that promotes the practice of respect for people, openness, trust, safety, transparency, collaborative problem solving, managing with data, incremental continuous improvement and assurance.
  • Established and maintains cooperative, effective working relationships with coworkers, other district employees, and the general public using principles of good customer service.
  • Reports for scheduled work with regular, reliable and punctual attendance.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Work is performed primarily indoors in an office environment, with occasional travel to attend meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Requires the ability to communicate with others orally, face to face and by telephone. Requires manual and finger dexterity and hand-eye-arm coordination to write and to operate computers and a variety of general office equipment. Requires mobility to accomplish other desktop work, retrieve files, and to move to various District locations.
  • Requires visual acuity to read computer screens, printed materials, and detailed information. Essential duties may involve occasional kneeling, squatting, crouching, stooping, crawling, standing, bending, climbing (to stack, store or retrieve supplies or various office equipment).
  • May occasionally be required to work a varying schedule which may include evenings and weekends.
  • Duties require flexing hours to work evenings and/or on weekends and holidays on a regular, rotation basis.
  • Duties require carrying a cell phone or other electronic device to provide on-call coverage, as well as being available to work as needed to meet District needs, which may include evenings, weekends and holidays and/or on a 24/7-hour basis.
  • This is an overtime-exempt position, which may require working beyond the normally scheduled workweek, modifying existing work schedules, or flexing hours.
  • Requires the ability to alternatively sit and stand for sustained periods of time to deliver presentations.
  • Exposure to individuals from the public who are upset, angry, agitated and sometimes hostile, requiring the use of conflict management and coping skills.
  • Frequently required to perform work in confidence and under pressure for deadlines, and to maintain professional composure and tact, patience, and courtesy at all times.
  • The environment is dynamic and constantly changing, resulting in continually re-evaluating and shifting priorities.
  • Requires the ability to lift and/or carry objects and materials weighing up to ten pounds. Occasionally, the incumbent in this position may be required to lift and/or carry objects and materials weighing up to twenty pounds. Rarely, the incumbent in this position may be required to lift and/or carry objects and materials weighing up to fifty pounds.
  • May be required to stay at or return to work during public health incidents and/or emergencies to perform duties specific to this classification or to perform other duties as requested in an assigned response position. This may require working a non-traditional work schedule or working outside normal assigned duties during the incident and/or emergency.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in a nursing or another public health-related field; and
  • Four (4) years of progressively responsible and relevant professional experience, of which includes a minimum of one (1) year of supervisory/management experience.
  • Alternatively, an equivalent combination of education, experience and professional certification may be qualifying, provided the individual's background demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position.
  • Experience leading or supervising other professionals in a public health setting is preferred.

Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of public sector organization and program operations;
  • Project management, including planning, scheduling, monitoring, and problem solving;
  • Federal, state, and local laws and regulations relevant to assigned areas/program(s);
  • Trends, principles and practices within assigned specialized areas;
  • Principles and practices of supervision, personnel development, and group dynamics;
  • Principles of public relations and customer service;
  • Community Health Program Managers must have a thorough knowledge of public health principles and practices, and the role of public health in the community.

Skill and Ability to:

  • Understand, interpret, explain and apply best practices, laws, rules and regulations within assigned specialized areas;
  • Coordinate, organize, and prioritize work, follow directions, instructions and protocol in the course of duties assigned;
  • Make timely decisions considering relevant factors and evaluating alternatives, exercising discretion and sound independent judgment;
  • Gather and analyze data and develop clear, concise and comprehensive reports, correspondence and other written materials;
  • Communicate orally and in writing to a variety of audiences in a clear, comprehensive, effective and professional manner;
  • Plan, direct and evaluate the work of staff;
  • Create and meet schedules, time lines and work independently with little direction;
  • Utilize computers and related software and automated equipment to produce documents and reports, typing with sufficient speed and accuracy to accomplish assignments in a timely manner;
  • Perform duties in confidence and under pressure for deadlines, and to maintain professional composure and tact, patience and courtesy at all times;
  • Work effectively in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing, resulting in continually re-evaluating and shifting priorities; and
  • Work both independently and within a collaborative team-oriented environment; contribute openly, respectfully disagree, understand the ideas of others, listen well and work for consensus.

Licenses, Certificates & Other Requirements

  • A valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the State of Washington is required.
  • All required licenses must be maintained in an active status without suspension or revocation throughout employment.

Performance of job duties requires driving on an occasional basis, a valid Washington State driver’s license, the use of the incumbent’s personal motor vehicle, and proof of appropriate auto insurance.

Offer of employment contigent upon completion of a successful criminal background check.


Kitsap Public Health District


345 6th Street, Suite 300
Bremerton, Washington, 98337


360-728-2294 Karen Holt


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