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Medical Assistant, Gilbert, AZ

Organization: Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Inc.
Category: Medical Assistant
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Date Job Posted: November 18, 2020
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Medical Assistant

This position has 4-10 hour days.

This position will start 2 days a week at our SE Gilbert Office and 2 days a week at our Casa Grande Clinic. Eventually, it will be a days at SE Gilbert with backup at Casa Grande.

Job Description

The Medical Assistant serves as the primary support to the psychiatric nurse practitioner and client’s therapeutic relationship. MAs are responsible for managing NP orders, caseloads, and records in order to facilitate optimal patient care. The MA is often the first line contact for patient questions and concerns and is responsible for ensuring the quality of the patient experience meets CPR standards.

Knowledge and Skills :

  • Communication: It is essential that staff tasked with coordinating care with other agencies communicate in a professional manner, observing the highest phone and email etiquette standards.
  • Time management: Care coordinators must be able to prioritize multiple tasks and accomplish them in a timely manner.
  • Computer literacy: Care coordinators must be able to efficiently document their coordination efforts utilizing a variety of computer systems.


  • Notify PNP’s, evaluators and counselors when their patients are checked in
  • Check patient balances and notify patients if they have one
  • Manage transportation services for patients as needed
  • Scan and upload documents for PNP team
  • Fill out lab requisitions as needed
  • Check faxes hourly and put paperwork in the correct NP’s box
  • Fax documents as needed
  • Maintain plastic routing sheets for PNP team
  • Opening and closing duties as assigned
  • Check voicemails hourly and return calls to patients or forward to appropriate PNP/department
  • Complete outreach calls on all clients that no-show or cancel within 24 hours to reschedule
  • Call new patients the day before intake to confirm appointment
  • Complete vital signs on all patients
  • Complete Genesight tests and call Fedex to pick up tests
  • Assist front desk with scanning and uploading
  • Follow up on lab results advise patients/call lab as needed/fax results to PCP
  • Obtain Prior Authorization forms for providers as needed
  • Complete PCP COC and request records as ordered
  • Manage Caseloads
  • Provide drug screens
  • Administer injections as ordered by the PNP
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Medical Assistant Certificate from a program that was fully accredited during the entire time of the MA ’ s attendance. Must supply copies of degrees and transcripts as requested.
  • Documented post certificate ’ s experience for two (2) years, including experience within the past 24 months providing

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