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Health Commissioner, Eaton, OH

Organization: Preble County Public Health
Category: Administrator
Location: Eaton, OH
Date Job Posted: September 12, 2022
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Health Commissioner
Preble County Board of Health


The Preble County Board of Health is seeking a Health Commissioner. The Health Commissioner is the secretary of the Board and carries out all orders of the Board, the Ohio Department of Health, and other state agencies. The Health Commissioner enforces all sanitary laws and regulations in the county. Under the direction of the Board of Health, the Health Commissioner directs, supervises, and prioritizes the health department’s mission to prevent disease and injury, promote health and wellness, protect the environment and citizens, and progress towards health equity. The Health Commissioner exercises critical thinking, independent judgment, and decision-making associated with public health core competencies, federal/state guidelines, and scientific best practices. The Health Commissioner works alongside public officials, community and state agencies, and the public to discuss and share policies, programs, and services. The Health Commissioner serves at the pleasure of the Board. Preble County Public Health offers full benefits and an excellent retirement system through Ohio PERS.


This is a comprehensive and analytical administrative position responsible for directing, planning, organizing, supervising, and coordinating all operations of Preble County Public Health. Extensive leeway is granted for exercising independent judgment and initiatives. This position directs, supervises, and prioritizes the work and performance of environmental health, nursing, health education, emergency preparedness, harm reduction, quality improvement, and office staff. The Health Commissioner meets and confers with public officials, community and state agencies, and the public to discuss and share all public health policies, programs, and services. Develops short term and long goals, strategic plans, internal and external policies, and evaluations to address public health needs and services. Confers with other professionals to identify and assess public health needs and problems. Prepares operating budgets and financial reports. Critiques strategies for determining budget priorities and sets budgetary priorities for the organization. Assesses job performance of direct reports and identifies opportunities for individual performance improvement. Reviews personnel recommendations from Directors and makes hiring recommendations to the Board of Health. Serves as a liaison of the Board of Health and community stakeholders. Assesses and ensures compliance with state and local health laws and regulations. Mitigates internal and external risks. Attends meetings, conferences, and workshops when appropriate. Plans, manages, directs, and coordinates activities and finances of all grants. Leads organizational efforts and structure to maintain accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board.


Licensed physician, licensed dentist, licensed veterinarian, licensed podiatrist, licensed chiropractor, or the holder of master’s degree in public health or an equivalent master’s degree in a related field as determined by the Board of Health required. National Incident Management System (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS) courses 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, and 800 required. Valid Ohio Driver’s license in good standing required. Minimum of five years experience in management or leadership positions preferred. Previous leadership experience in a public health department strongly preferred.


This job requires proficiency of computer skills including the Microsoft Office365 suite, Adobe Reader, e-mail and the internet; ability to compile, consolidate and summarize information; English grammar, spelling, written format and punctuation; demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills; work independently in a dependable manner; be knowledgeable of community resources; be able to effusively deal with stress; ability to learn and use a web-based reporting program for completing on-line reports; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other agency and organization representatives; perform effective public speaking to groups of varied interests and backgrounds and develop and deliver informative and persuasive presentations, counseling, and brief interventions. The job requires recordkeeping and reporting procedures, the ability to meet multiple deadlines, excellent organizational skills, and adhere to confidentiality requirements. Must be able to respond to public health emergencies or exercises 24/7. May be required to play an active leadership role in the event of a public health emergency, which may include changes in responsibilities and working hours. Evening and weekend work required during public health events, investigations, or emergencies.


The Health Commissioner must meet Tier Three competencies for all eight domains of public health professionals:

Analytical/Assessment Skills. Analytical/Assessment Skills focus on identifying and understanding data, turning data into information for action, assessing needs and assets to address community health needs, developing community health assessments, and using evidence for decision making. Policy Development/Program Planning Skills. Policy Development/Program Planning Skills focus on determining needed policies and programs; advocating for policies and programs; planning, implementing, and evaluating policies and programs; developing and implementing strategies for continuous quality improvement; and developing and implementing community health improvement plans and strategic plans. Communication Skills. Communication Skills focus on assessing and addressing population literacy; soliciting and using community input; communicating data and information; facilitating communications; and communicating the roles of government, health care, and others. Cultural Competency Skills. Cultural Competency Skills focus on understanding and responding to diverse needs, assessing organizational cultural diversity and competence, assessing effects of policies and programs on different populations, and taking action to support a diverse public health workforce. Community Dimensions of Practice Skills. Community Dimensions of Practice Skills focus on evaluating and developing linkages and relationships within the community, maintaining, and advancing partnerships and community involvement, negotiating for use of community assets, defending public health policies and programs, and evaluating effectiveness and improving community engagement. Public Health Sciences Skills. Public Health Sciences Skills focus on understanding the foundation and prominent events of public health, applying public sciences to practice, critiquing, and developing research, using evidence when developing policies and programs, and establishing academic partnerships. Financial Planning and Management Skills. Financial Planning and Management Skills focus on engaging other government agencies that can address community health needs, leveraging public health and health care funding mechanisms, developing, and defending budgets, motivating personnel, evaluating, and improving program and organization performance, and establishing and using performance management systems to improve organization performance. Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills. Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills focus on incorporating ethical standards into the organization; creating opportunities for collaboration among public health, health care, and other organizations; mentoring personnel; adjusting practice to address changing needs and environment; ensuring continuous quality improvement; managing organizational change; and advocating for the role of governmental public health.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to the Preble County Board of Health at (subject: Health Commissioner Position)

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