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A Crystal Ball for Health Care: Feasibility Studies Can Help Elucidate Major Decisions

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Making major decisions in business can (and frankly should) be a complex process. In health care, added complexity arises by virtue of the fact that the industry is highly regulated and margins are thin compared to many other industries. This means it's more challenging to make big decisions in health care-and a heightened level of diligence is warranted when you’re considering change.

In many situations the payback period and return on investment (ROI) are simple calculations. However, calculating revenue in health care is complicated, since many factors drive the bottom line. Most often, health care organizations will conduct a feasibility study to determine the economic and operational impact of a significant strategic business decision. Ideally, these studies provide an overview of any potential issues related to the proposed business decision, allowing executives to fully assess the effect of any major change before a decision is made.

Rebay, Karl

Lewis Josh

Moss Adams LLP

Feasibility Studies

November 30, 1999

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