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Credentialing: The Cornerstone of a Health Care Organization's Enterprise Risk Management Program

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The process of obtaining, thoroughly verifying and assessing the qualifications of a physician or other provider prior to granting clinical privileges is vital to a health care organization's ability to provide safe, effective and quality medical care. Credentialing can be performed at several levels ranging from simply verifying training to seeking substantive and original source information regarding all aspects of the practitioner's training, experience and current competence. Failing to take credentialing beyond the minimum of simple verification can result in severe consequences, including financial and reputational loss, third party liability, civil and monetary fines, and even criminal penalties. When done at the deeper level, the credentialing process should result in better care, improved clinical outcomes and enhanced positioning in the marketplace. Thorough credentialing combined with routine and regular monitoring of a health care organization's physicians and other providers is crucial to the well-being and growth of the organization.

Muellenberg, Erin

McAteer, Ryan

Law, Credentialing

January 1, 2018

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