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Challenges to Overcome to Operate an Effective Healthcare Organization

First few Article Sentences

The healthcare industry in the United States has transformed and evolved throughout the decades, continuously adapting to changes in regulatory policy, technology, patient preferences and economic climate. Consequently, these factors not only affected the delivery of healthcare as whole, but heavily impacted organizational and operational structures of healthcare companies. Further changes in business operations produced new, or underscored existing challenges with managing organizational behavior and human resources that leaders had to understand and effectively manage to continue operating successful businesses. Borkowski (2011) suggests a set of challenges that leadership would encounter and would need to overcome to operate an effective healthcare organization: (1) diversity of the workforce as it relates to ethnicity, culture, geographical location and age; (2) effectiveness of communication; and (3) ensuring an efficient and productive work environment through appropriate evaluation and management of staff's attitudes. This article will focus on each challenge in greater detail.

Gorbatov, PMP, Sergey


Organizational Development

February 1, 2018

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