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Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Find Out with a Red Team Penetration Assessment

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Viruses, data breaches, and hacking can result in more than just financial loss-they can jeopardize decades-long relationships and cause irreparable reputational damage.

As the frequency and strength of cyberattacks continues to evolve, organizations need to find innovative ways to prevent breaches and safeguard their most sensitive data. One effective method is to partake in a penetration assessment that's tailored to their specific needs-testing their unique combination of systems, controls, and processes.

Before a hack or cyberattack occurs, a red team penetration assessment-which enables cybersecurity professionals to approach your system from a hacker's viewpoint-can help management teams identify system weaknesses and develop confidence in their ability to protect their most valuable assets.

Villanueva, Kevin

King John

Moss Adams


November 6, 2018

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