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Does California Really Need Another Medical School?

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Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) is building a new medical school in southern California. You have to ask yourself, why? Do we really need another medical school in California? The answer is yes, we do, and Claremont is the perfect place to build one.

We face a crisis in the physician workforce in this country, but it is especially so in California where about one-third of physicians are over the age of 60. Many physicians will be retiring over the next decade just as the wave of baby boomers drives the demand for physician services ever higher. The truth is, the pipeline of physicians coming out of medical schools has not kept up with the growth of the population or then demand for medical care. We are scrambling to catch up. And it is not just physicians, we face a shortfall in many areas of the health professions.

Molina, Dr. J. Mario


KGI School of Medicine

Medical School

September 10, 2019

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