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Think You're HIPAA Compliant? You May Not Be - and Even If You Are, It May Not Be Enough to Protect Patient Data

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Many health care organizations believe they’re compliant with HIPAA. However, there’s no way to certify compliance, so cybersecurity issues often only come to light after a data breach is discovered.

As the number of cyberattacks on health care organizations continues to increase, understanding how to secure sensitive data is paramount. In 2017, for example, at least 342 providers were impacted by an attack, according to the HIPAA Journal. Implementing best practices and employing the highest standards for cybersecurity protection is simply no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity, because health care organizations are now required by law to become proactive in the application of cybersecurity controls and the prevention of data breaches.

Villanueva, Kevin

Gunter Brandon

Moss Adams


May 8, 2018

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