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37, 88 OMAHA!, Hut, Hut….Go!

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Peyton Manning made the 'OMAHA!' trigger word famous to let his lineman and team know that something was changing. Wouldn’t it be great if before every patient exam the doctor could calI a set of signals to get everyone lined up right? If every morning were exactly the same and patients came to the office in a neat and orderly fashion running a medical practice would be easy and you would not need to choreograph the patient flow dance. Unfortunately, patients do not present with the same symptoms, problem list, medications or fit neatly into the schedule slots. The reality is patients come in all sizes, shapes, variety, and sometimes they present with emergencies. The practice has many exam rooms, ancillary services, employees of various skill sets. Some days staff are on vacation, sick or tied up with other duties. Practices have many variables working in them hourly. How do you organize a busy, complex practice for maximum efficiency? Sometimes we need to look to other organizations for ideas on how daily duties are organized.

Hospital nursing staffs meet for morning or shift report to share information and to plan assignments. Police departments meet prior to hitting the beat to discuss assignments and special issues. If you turn on your television on any Saturday or Sunday afternoon from September thru January you see a management organizational tool in the form of a huddle. Then you watch an organized line up known as a formation with every player knowing their assignment.

Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas


Medic Management Group LLC

Practice Management

January 13, 2020

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