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How Worksheet S-10 Impacts Hospitals Uncompensated Care Payments

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Hospitals that qualify for the Medicare Disproportionate Share (DSH) hospital payment also qualify for uncompensated care (UC) supplemental payments based on their portion of UC costs reported on Medicare cost report Worksheet S-10.

It’s important for hospitals to pay attention and file these reports accurately, and in accordance with program instructions, to ensure they receive their rightful share of the UC pool. For federal fiscal year (FFY) 2020, the UC pool is approximately $8.35 billion, which will be shared among all qualifying hospitals. UC cost is defined as charity care and non-Medicare bad debt as reported on Worksheet S-10, Line 30.

The numbers you report on your Worksheet S-10 now determine your future payments. Hospitals must ensure their cost reports and associated forms are in compliance, or you could risk losing your fair share of future uncompensated care payments.

Newell, Michael


Moss Adams Health Care Consulting Practice

Worksheet S-10

March 10, 2020

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