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About the Healthcare News

The Healthcare News is a publisher of online trade journals in eight States throughout the U.S.1 With a circulation of 258,000,2 content includes health care management articles and job postings for the health care industry. Delivery of content is done via email twice per month. Significant health care segments represented in the circulation include hospital, clinic, health insurance, behavioral health and government.

The organization is best known for its volume and variety of health care related job postings.3 All job postings are announced via email once a month to all 258,000 readers in its eight State service area. Included with each job posting is a report of page views and a full color logo as well as various other services.4

The Healthcare News was founded in 2006 by David and Stormy Peel and is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

1 See for a listing of Healthcare News State web sites.
2 See for a summary of circulation demographics.
3 See to view the Healthcare News job board.
4 See for services included with job postings.