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Ralph Henderson, President, Professional Services and Staffing, AMN Healthcare

Analysts Said Healthcare Employment Would Decline - Instead, It Exploded

By Ralph Henderson
President, Professional Services and Staffing
AMN Healthcare

Not long ago, the prevailing belief was that the post-recession and Obamacare-fueled growth in healthcare employment was coming to an end. Making predictions for 2018, healthcare industry analysts said that overall healthcare industry job growth would sag and that hospitals would experience declining jobs for at least some months. Their reasoning was that patient demand was softening because sign-ups for Obamacare had leveled off, value-based medicine would reduce hospital admissions and keep people healthier, and hiring would freeze up due to uncertainty about healthcare policy during the Trump administration. Healthcare employment trends were heading downward, they said. But, the reverse happened. Healthcare jobs grew at a robust pace in 2018 and have soared so far in 2019, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Read article
Clinic Manager with Doctor and Nurse in Background

A Successful Practice Needs a Team That Makes Things Happen

By Thomas Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS
Managing Director, Medic Management Group LLC

Have you ever worked with someone who makes things happen, things get done? Someone who works with a sense of urgency? You do not need to ask if something was completed, a complete trust that all is completed based on experience. A team like this has the ability to identify what is important and complete their tasks efficiently, without delay or procrastination. Working with a sense of urgency is a trait that you should look for in any staff member that you hire. Unfortunately, identifying “the urgency trait” is not always easy.  Read article
Six Year Old Boy Getting Vaccinated

How to Protect Your Organization and Increase Vaccination Rates

By Danielle Donovan, CPHRM
Clinical Risk Manager, Healthcare Practice Group, Parker, Smith & Feek

Just thirty days into 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) made an alarming announcement. Vaccine hesitancy is now among its top threats to global health, with the number of measles cases increasing globally by 30 percent. What’s more alarming? Individual cases of the measles have been confirmed in ten states, with majority of these cases happening in our own back yard.  Read article
Ambulance wheeling patient into emergency room

Beverly Hospital (Montebello, CA) Expands Emergency Care Center

By Joseph L. Chan, MD, FACEP
Medical Director of Emergency Care, Beverly Hospital, Montebello, CA

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise and disparities in access grow, the role of the Emergency Department as the ultimate safety net is becoming more and more prominent. The past few years have seen record growth in emergency visit volumes. Beverly Hospital has followed national trends with a 25% growth over the last decade. Read article