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Ryan Thurber, Attorney, Polsinelli Sara Iams, Attorney, Polsinelli

CMS Draft Guidance Offers a New Approach to Hospital Co-Location

By Ryan Thurber
Attorney, Polsinelli
By Sara Iams
Attorney, Polsinelli

Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released draft guidance governing co-location between hospitals and other provider types, including the extent to which hospitals can share space, staff, and services with co-located entities. This long-anticipated guidance is not final, but was generally well-received by providers and much of it will likely be finalized as proposed. Consequently, while we await final publication (CMS has not offered a date), hospitals should consider this guidance when evaluating Medicare compliance for existing co-located sites and new locations.  Read article
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Here Comes the Flood

By Craig B. Garner
Garner Health Law Corporation

Once upon a time the world existed without the system of interconnected computer networks to link devices across the globe. Information was sparse and communication slow in this modern day antiquity, a time when people relied upon encyclopedias and regular mail instead of Wikipedia and the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters, between two or more users of mobile or laptop devices. Read article
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Trump's New Order For Medicare Packs Potential Rise In Patients' Costs

By Julie Appleby
Kaiser Health News

Vowing to protect Medicare with “every ounce of strength,” President Donald Trump last week spoke to a cheering crowd in Florida. But his executive order released shortly afterward includes provisions that could significantly alter key pillars of the program by making it easier for beneficiaries and doctors to opt out.  Read article
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Practice Stability and Consistency are Vital to Success

By Thomas Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS
Medic Management Group LLC

The most significant characteristic of a practice is its unique culture and history. Whether your practice consists of a solo practitioner, group, health system, it is important to remember that the practice attracted its patients based on the personalities and styles of its physicians and staff-known as your Brand. These attributes translate into a practice culture that must continue if the practice expects to retain its patients during times of change. Read article