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Director, Human Capital Advisory, Moss Adams

Rethink Performance Management to Serve Your Employees - and Your Organization

By Brett Addis
Director, Human Capital Advisory
Moss Adams

For many organizations, performance reviews have historically been little more than an exercise in rating individual performance. But for others, it has evolved into a complex evaluation of company goals and role capabilities to help determine individual compensation and career development while building an organization’s internal talent pipeline.
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to performance management. It should support the talent objectives of an organization. Read article
Woman balancing on log

Recharge and Illuminate Your Workplace in 2024

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.,
International Speaker, Author and Coach

The past four years have been challenging for people for a multitude of reasons: Covid, political divisions, wars, changing workplace cultures, and financial issues. Currently unemployment is at an all-time low, the stock market is strong, and inflation is coming down. However, people everywhere report feeling fatigue, stress, fear, depression, and uncertainty. Therefore, creating a compassionate work environment where people feel trust and safety is more important than ever. People do not work well when they are in fear or on their knees. Read article
Certified Nursing Assistant greeting a patient

New Mexico Medicaid Primary Care Payment Reform Begins July 1

By Georgia Green, Health Care Consulting Practice, Moss Adams
By Steven Hartley, Health Care Consulting Practice, Moss Adams

The New Mexico Primary Care Payment Reform Initiative, a mandatory program led by the New Mexico Health Care Authority, marks a significant shift in the state’s Medicaid approach, as it transitions from a volume-based to a value-based payment model. Read article
Looking at financial information while drinking coffee

Health Plan Financial Reports for California, Ohio and Washington State

By David Peel, Publisher and Editor
Healthcare News

We recently updated our financial reporting for health plans in California, Ohio and Washington State. Click on the links below to see the numbers.

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