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Dana Beal, International Speaker, Author and Coach

Recharge and Illuminate Your Workplace in 2024

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.
International Speaker
Author and Coach

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Original Publish Date: January 16, 2024

The past four years have been challenging for people for a multitude of reasons: Covid, political divisions, wars, changing workplace cultures, and financial issues. Currently unemployment is at an all-time low, the stock market is strong, and inflation is coming down. However, people everywhere report feeling fatigue, stress, fear, depression, and uncertainty. Therefore, creating a compassionate work environment where people feel trust and safety is more important than ever. People do not work well when they are in fear or on their knees.

Recharging and illuminating your organization starts first, with you shining the light on yourself to the path of self-realization and authentic power. Whether you are an officially designated leader according to your organizational chart or any someone at any other level within your organization, operating from a calm and peaceful state of self-awareness will benefit not only you, but everyone with whom you interact.

When you are authentic, your choices and decisions will come from a deep sense of knowing and wisdom, not from fear or frantic reactions of the ego. An enlightened leader operates from what I call, the BE LOVE model of leadership, in which who you ARE is more important than what you DO. When you operate from Universal Love, the power that sustains all life, the results will far outweigh anything you might attain as an ego-driven leader.

Here are suggestions to recharge and reenergize others in 2024 stemming from your highest intentions and deepest authentic power.

  1. Reflect
    Recall the past year with an unbiased look (either in a group or on an individual basis) and honestly access what worked and what didn’t work. Be willing to give up what didn’t work, even if it was something you initiated and wanted. Admit mistakes and be open to the new and untried. Be willing to be wrong.
  2. Be flexible.
    The days of strict adherence to rules and high control are gradually being replaced by consideration for employees and what works best for them. Flexibility is highly desired by most employees, so wherever possible, work with people to meet their needs and it will often be repaid by productivity and loyalty.
  3. Share stories and successes.
    People want to belong and feel needed. Sharing stories, successes, and events that can become part of your legends as a company, builds camaraderie and shared appreciation. Invite people to share their successes and stories but also add large successes for the entire organization.
  4. Give sincere recognition publicly and frequently.
    Honoring the spirit in ourselves and others helps build good relationships and increases self-esteem. No matter who they are or what role they play in your organization, everyone likes to be told they did a good job! Everyone likes to hear they are appreciated and thanked for their work.
  5. Take down walls of fear or separation.
    Be transparent and offer helping hands to those you lead or work with. Stop worrying about your own image and spend more time helping others succeed. Your job as a leader is to elevate those you lead to do their best by offering confidence in them. I call it the “You Can Do It” principle. You energize others by believing in them.
  6. Listen with deep attention.
    Spend less time talking and more time listening. David Brooks, in his book, How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen, says, “There is one skill that lies at the heart of any healthy person, family, school, community, organization, or society: the ability to see someone else deeply and make them feel seen—to accurately know another person, to let them feel valued, heard, and understood.” I believe that relationships are the basis of all organizations and listening is the most important part of communication.
  7. Give up judging others.
    To be honest, we all judge. But we can become more aware of how much we judge, and we can begin to question our opinions. Our judgments tell us more about ourselves than the other person or event. We have filters based on our childhood, our past, our own narrative that color our viewpoints.
  8. Stop being a harsh critic of yourself.
    If you are secretly feeling guilt or self-criticism, you will tend to project it on others and blame them or circumstances. Focus on honoring the spirit in yourself—the deep soul, and practice self-forgiveness for mistakes you may have made. When you can forgive yourself, you will be better able to forgive others. Holding grievances causes pain and suffering for you.
  9. Give up being a victim.
    Notice when you are complaining and blaming others. Stop yourself when you hear yourself start to complain. Unknowingly, complaining is actually an attempt to be right and make others responsible for your suffering. It actually disempowers you.
  10. Be a pillar of strength.
    When you are fully present and connected with your inner spirit, you will find a core of strength and courage that goes beyond your personal identity or role. You will be someone people are inspired to follow. You will be able to take a stand for your principles, for example, democracy, equality, humanity, or other high-minded and moral principles. You will operate from a deep, centered, knowing that will not be deterred by others’ small opinions or criticisms.

You can only recharge and illuminate your organization when you yourself are recharged. Try to let go of old identities and see yourself anew. Real change starts in your inner being. If not, it won’t be long lasting. Love is a deeply abiding presence residing in all of us, connecting us to one another, emerging from life itself. And you can only recharge others as you feel your own powerful energy based in Universal Love.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you”. — Rumi

Danna Beal, M.Ed., lives in the Seattle, WA area where she is an international speaker, author, retreat/workshop leader, and executive coach. Her new book, The Illuminated Workplace: Shining Light on Workplace Culture is now available on Amazon. She has spoken to thousands of businesses and conferences and has been on countless radio shows, podcasts, and webinars discussing “Enlightened Leadership” and “Workplace Culture. ”Her audiences and clients have included: Seattle Science Foundation--Spine Surgeons Grand Rounds, Swedish Hospital and Medical Groups, Kaiser Permanente Grand Rounds, Oakland, CA, AHRA, Orlando, FL, Federal Aviation Administration, Overlake Hospital Perioperative Conference, Radia, numerous physician practices and hospitals. Her website is