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Dana Beal, International Speaker, Author and Coach

Bringing Light and Love to the Workplace

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.
International Speaker
Author and Coach

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Original Publish Date: June 6, 2023

With widespread fatigue, stress, and even burnout increasing over the last three years, I believe we need to put our focus on elevating light and love in the workplace culture. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers at all levels have been stretched, and also, the executives in healthcare systems are experiencing increased stress. The search and leadership advisory firm, WittKieffer, in their new 2023 survey, Burnout in Healthcare Executives, comprised of 233 healthcare executives, including 63 CEOs, reported:

More than ever before we need an infusion of positive energy, as well as compassionate and loving energy to move through these challenging times. When executives, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers at all levels are dealing with mental and physical fatigue, it cannot help but ultimately impact patients and families. People who are feeling depleted have a hard time meeting their obligations and being productive. They are much like people in a sunken ship -- they need oxygen to reach them.

Leaders Must Provide the Energetic and Positive Response of Light and Love

When all attempts to lead during such trying times begin to cause the leaders to feel overly challenged, it is time to reconsider the deep, inner power of love and wisdom. Leaders can actually rejuvenate and restore those they lead when they, first and foremost, take care of themselves. Operating from stress and anxiety does not communicate a positive energy or create the results that are needed. To motivate and empower others you must come from a sincere, authentic, voice of calm and hope. I call this enlightened form of leadership, the BE LOVE Model of Leadership—in which you are grounded in the powerful foundation of Universal Love. Unless you tap into this innate power, you will be limited in all your efforts.

The following pointers can help you replenish and restore yourself to your innate and authentic power which you need to lead others on a successful journey:

  1. Stop paddling so fast, slow down, and “Uncrowd” your thoughts.

    If you don’t slow down you can short-circuit, resulting in burnout or brain fog. The mental circuitry and high levels of mental chatter are exhausting at best and produce poor results for yourself and those you lead. The expended energy results in adrenalin overload and the release of cortisol and other stress hormones in the body. This is emotionally, spiritually, and physically unhealthy. Rest and receive an infusion of energy by reuniting with your own soul, which is your innate nature. Frenzied activity is wasted energy.

  2. Breathe and become present.

    Breath is life and when you slow down and breathe, you assist yourself in becoming present. In the state of presence, you can enlist the wisdom that is already part of your inner being. It is tempting to try to accomplish one more thing, call or attend one more meeting, or finish a to-do list before you allow yourself a breath. But when you pause and breathe, you bring forth a powerful force and a new energy of presence to whatever you are doing. I often witness the expression of someone engaged in fast-paced mental activity, often accompanied by fast talking and rapid gestures. When they are reminded to breathe, a very obvious sense of relief and calm comes over their face. They become the face of someone I would trust and believe.

  3. Rely on Universal Love.

    When you rely on the force of Universal Love you will see that it is the power that moves mountains, sustains all life, and is your Source. It is not weakness nor is it simply an emotion. It is eternal, unchangeable, and internal. Pain and suffering are the result of ego strategies that block the flow of Universal Love, which in its purest form shines away all doubt. It strengthens your resolve, and it confirms your intentions. It limits nothing and controls no one. It shines equally on and through everyone. Why would you choose anything else?

  4. Treat others with honor and respect.

    Incivility is at an all-time high in workplaces, neighborhoods, politics, families, and all kinds of diverse environments. Gun violence, mass shootings, wars, and political discourse should be wake-up calls. It is time to express honor and respect toward others everywhere we can—at work, in stores, at events, in families, and anywhere we interact with our fellow human beings. As enlightened leaders, you set the tone of your organization by demonstrating honor and respect for everyone. Embodying the powerful qualities emanating from the foundation of Universal Love reflecting the power that sustains all life.

  5. Operate from integrity and humility.

    Humility is a powerful trait of enlightened leaders. The ego-driven leaders who are always measuring their success in terms of money, titles, and other external validations lack the strength and integrity that is needed to lead others. They may wear their masks well, but even they know that secretly they are afraid of exposure or lack of validation. They will fail in a true crisis. They may be in denial, or they may even hide their secret shadow sides, but the disguises will sooner or later be recognized by those they lead. Eventually the followers will abandon the leader, although the most fearful are the last to jump ship. I caution people in the workplace to beware of children dressed as powerful adults. Do not be beguiled. Be courageous and don’t go down with the ship.

  6. Be personally responsible and give up the self-righteous victim role.

    Enlightened leaders are personally responsible and do not blame others for their circumstances or problems. They also have the employees’ backs. They create safe workplace cultures where people can be free to contribute from their own innate resources without fear of making mistakes or being blamed. Enlightened leaders possess courage that is missing from those who blame others. I have watched CEOs and leaders at all levels claim that someone else is at fault—the fall guy! They believe they protect their own identities when they blame or act self-righteous. But it is a demonstration of their lack of leadership skills and will eventually cause a loss in the confidence, support, and cooperation of their employees.

Creating cultures that retain and attract employees has never been more important or more difficult. There are many practical steps leaders can use, such as giving recognition and appreciation, listening, inviting feedback, being accessible, and communicating frequently with transparency. These steps necessary to create a harmonious and caring culture start with leaders who operate from Universal Love.

Danna Beal, M.Ed., lives in the Seattle, WA area where she is an international speaker, author, retreat/workshop leader, and executive coach. Her new book, The Illuminated Workplace: Shining Light on Workplace Culture is now available on Amazon. She has spoken to thousands of businesses and conferences and has been on countless radio shows, podcasts, and webinars discussing “Enlightened Leadership” and “Workplace Culture. ”Her audiences and clients have included: Seattle Science Foundation--Spine Surgeons Grand Rounds, Swedish Hospital and Medical Groups, Kaiser Permanente Grand Rounds, Oakland, CA, AHRA, Orlando, FL, Federal Aviation Administration, Overlake Hospital Perioperative Conference, Radia, numerous physician practices and hospitals. Her website is