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Welcome to the Healthcare News Library of Healthcare Management Articles! This is where you will find articles that were published in prior editions of the Healthcare News. Articles are initially sorted by last date published. Click on title headings to sort in ascending or decending order. Search for results using the search bar.

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Are the Assets in Your Trust Accessible to Creditors? Abramowitz, B., Kay Wiyrick Flores,  June
Collaborative Negotiation for Health - A Win/Win Equation Adams, Kim  
Helping Health Care Payers Improve Claim-Payment Accuracy Adams, Paul Hodges,  Deanna
Talent Acquisition Strategies for Human Capital Management Addis, Brett  
Rethink Performance Management to Serve Your Employees - and Your Organization Addis, Brett  
Lower Costs, Higher Quality of Life: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Adler, Peter  
Washington State Association for Health Care Recruitment: Working Together - Enriching Care Albano, SPHR, Valerie  
ICD-10 Readiness and Adoption Amstutz, MBA, CCA, CCS-P, Peggi Ann Volland,  Gary
Keeping with the Code: Medicare Reimbursement Starts with Drug Coding Compliance Amstutz, MBA, CCS, CCS-P, Peggi Ann  
Accountable Health Communities Model Offers $157 Million in CMS Funding Andrade, CPA, Tony  
Trump's New Order For Medicare Packs Potential Rise In Patients' Costs Appleby, Julie  
Any Color You Want, So Long As It's Red AuBuchon, James, P.  
Climate Change and Human Health Auerbach MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM, FAAEM, Paul  
A Light in the Storm: Section 1135(b) Waivers During Disaster or Emergency Avakian, Sara Tucker,  Elizabeth
Moving On: Thoughts on Bettering American Health Care Baackes, John  
Poverty and Public Health Baackes, John  
Racism and Health Equity in the Time of COVID-19 Baackes, John  
Strategic Planning and Construction in Turbulent Times for Hospitals Bacchetti, CIA, CCA, Stephen Conner  Brian
The Bundled Payment Title Wave: Recap and Insights from the Fourth National Bundled Payment Summit Baggot, PhD (c), MBA, RN, Deirdre  
How Texting Patient Information Can Increase Risk Baker, D., Kimberly  
Washington's Expanded Domestic Partnership Law: What Employers Need to Know Barbier, Margaret, L. Lennon,  Erin, L.
Are You Ready for the January 2024 CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Deadline? Barcellona, Bill Su  Felix
Is Your Practice Making Value-Based Decisions? Barnett, Irv Santizo,  Beth
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Creating an Environment of Trust and Compassion Beal, M. Ed., Danna  
How We Create Rivals: What I Learned in an Accidental Meeting Beal, M. Ed., Danna Beal, M. Ed. 
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Foundation of an Extraordinary Workplace Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Creating an Environment of Trust and Compassion Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Thinking Outside the Excel Spreadsheet: Healing the Workplace Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Make a Difference No Matter Where You Are on the Organizational Chart Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Overcoming Burnout: Recharging, Reenergizing and Restoring Your Power Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Why Culture Matters: Are Leaders Unknowingly Depleting the Energy of the Workforce? Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Freedom in the Workplace: Is Hidden Guilt Limiting Your Confidence and Happiness? Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Finding Clarity and Courage in the Unknown: One Day at a Time Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Working During a Pandemic: Relationships Are the Key Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
The Ultimate Sacrifice for Freedom Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Being a Leader of Strength and Humility Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
The Lessons I Learned from Bob Beale Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
The Remedy for Conflict in the Workplace and the World: LOVE Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Leadership in Uncertain and Changing Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Do You Ignite Passion in Those You Lead? Take this Quiz Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Uplifting Yourself and Others During Tumultuous Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Rebuild, Renew, and Reenergize in 2022 Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Finding Relief from a Toxic Workplace: Why We Must Shine a Light on this Difficult Problem Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Balance Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Refresh Your Viewpoint: Update Your Perspective of the Workplace Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Leading Calmly in Challenging Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Illuminating the Path to Personal Freedom and Satisfaction Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
The Hidden Block to a Positive Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Bringing Light and Love to the Workplace Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Profound Leadership: Lessons from Rodney Edward Gannon Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Are You a Bully Boss? Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Recharge and Illuminate Your Workplace in 2024 Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Stop-Loss: Not a Commodity Beecken, Thomas  
FTC Declares Employees Free from Most Noncompetes, But How Far Does the Ban Go and Will It Last? Beemer, Jeffrey M. Siacon,  Alleanna B.
LLCs and the Corporate Practice of Medicine: A Modern Problem Raised by an Aged Doctrine Been, Claire Turetsky,  Matt
11 Ways the CARES Act Impacts Health Care Organizations Bell, Chris  
Take Your Organization to the Next Level with Outsourced Accounting and Finance Functions Bell, CPA, Chris Kammer  Larry
Making Health Care Great Again: The Republicans' Playbook to Health Care Reform Bell, CPA, Christopher  
Doing Something About Costs Belson, PhD, David Wortham, DrPH,  Jennifer
Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Oncology Berry, MD, Anna Xu, MD, PhD,  Danbin
Precision Medicine Initiative Showing Early Signs of Success Berry, MD, Anna  
Beware of Prescription Scams Targeting Healthcare Providers Bibet-Kalinyak, Isabelle  
Clinical Trial Participation: An Option That Can Benefit Many Provider Groups Blain, CPA, MBA, FACMPE, Cynthia B.  
HIPAA Version 5010: Staying Ahead of the Curve Blakey, John Lewis,  Richard
Rural Health Care at Risk: Protecting an Essential Community Resource Bond, FACHE, Scott  
Social Media and HIPAA: What Are You Doing to Mitigate Your Risks? Bonjean, Abby Caya  Ginamarie
Music and Motion Picture Licensing for Healthcare Providers: It Pays to Play Borovay, Paul  
Social Media: New Opportunities and Headaches Bottomly, Leslie Feldman,  Kathy
Legal Issues in Employee Fraud Bottomly, Leslie  
Debunking the Fallacy that Kids Aren't Seriously Affected by COVID-19 Brodsky, MD, Michael  
Finding What Does Work in Healthcare Brooks, David  
Providence Regional Medical Center Everett Opens $460 Million State-of-the-Art Tower Brooks, David  
Steve Brown, Vice President, Account Executive, Parker Smith & Feek Why Physician Groups Need Directors & Officers Insurance Brown, Steve  
There is Still a Need for Recuperative Care Programs Bruno, Kelly  
Innovation Expected to Improve Brain Surgery Outcomes Bryant, Shawna Marie  
Self-funded Plans in the Environment of Healthcare Reform Burns, Mike  
Federal Healthcare Reform Begins for Health Plans Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Health Care Reform: New IRS Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Care Coverage Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Enhancing the Patient Experience Through the Built Environment Cahnman, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Sheila  
Instant Medication Dispensing is Now Available to Patients Before They Leave the Physician Office Calderon, Gloria  
Free Child Care Equals Regular Health Care for Low Income Mothers at Molina Calderson, Gloria  
New Washington State Law Upsets Noncompetition Covenants in the Health Care Community Campbell, Luke  
Puget Sound Healthcare Real Estate: Pulse of the Market Carr, Paul Preovich,  Steve
Affordable Care Act Drives Surge in Healthcare Real Estate Activity Carr CCIM,MBA, Paul  
Current Trends in Healthcare Real Estate Carr CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Washington Healthcare Real Estate Records Another Strong Quarter Carr CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Puget Sound Medical Office On Campus Vacancy Rate Plummets to 4.63% Carr CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Washington State Healthcare Real Estate Environment Benefiting from ACA Carr CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Washington State Medical Office Real Estate Continues Frenetic Pace Carr, CCIM, MBA, Paul  
Puget Sound Fourth Quarter 2017 Real Estate Wrap-Up Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
How To Optimize Real Estate Decisions – RE Execution Timelines vs. Annual Budget Cycles Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen,  Dang
Providers Seek to Expand Facilities and Services to Serve Newly Insured Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Washington State Healthcare Real Estate: A View of the Forest and the Trees Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Does Your Organization Have a Strategic Real Estate Roadmap in Place? Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen  Dang
Puget Sound First Quarter 2016 Healthcare Real Estate Overview Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen,  Dang
Puget Sound First Quarter 2018 Real Estate Wrap-Up Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
A Healthcare Real Estate Professional's Perspective on the Medical Office Building Market Carr, MBA, CCIM, Paul  
The Changing Role of Advanced Practice Nurses Carter, Kelly  
Stevens Hospital: Not So Typical and Rather Remarkable Carter, Mike  
Improving Doctors' Schedules for Better Throughput and Access Cech, Bonnie