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Welcome to the Healthcare News Library of Healthcare Management Articles! This is where you will find articles that were published in prior editions of the Healthcare News. Articles are initially sorted by last date published. Click on title headings to sort in ascending or decending order. Search for results using the search bar.

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Bringing Communities Together to Improve Care Transitions Zoller, MD, Devon  
Washington State Offers New Asthma Management Desktop Tool Zang, Keith  
Quick: What's The Difference Between Medicare-For-All and Single-Payer? Young, Samantha  
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Young, Rachel Kelly,  Jade
Documentation: It's Not Just For Patients Yelnosky, Maryann  
What Your Hospital Needs to Know to Comply with 501(r) and Reduce the Risk of Costly IRS Penalties Wright, CIA, CPA, Mary Ramires, CPA  Colleen
Leadership in Technology: Harnessing the Power of the Pyramid Wright, Wes  
Desktop Virtualization at Seattle Children's Wright, Wes  
Seattle Children's to Establish Pediatric Health Information Exchange Wright, Wes  
Engaging Your Major Gifts Officer: Six Steps to Optimized Performance Woodard, Casey  
Picking Up Where UW Left Off: The 2011 State of Reform Health Policy Conference Wilson, DJ  
4 Trends to Watch in 2022 for California's Health Data Progress Williams, Claudia  
Understanding the Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) Ordinance Willert, Sheryl, J. Vestal,  Josephine, B.
Preparing in Advance for an Executive Exit Whiteside, Don  
Five Reasons to Hire an Interim Executive Whiteside, Don  
Finding Executive Talent for Rural Healthcare Providers Whiteside, Don Haskins,  Sandy
COVID-19 and ER Reimbursement: Document, Document, Document! Wentland, Adam G.  
Coding Errors May Render Receivables Uncollectible Wentland, Adam  
Pharmacy Carve-In: The Benefit of Integrated Benefits Wells, ASA, Pamela Ness,  Daniel
The Florida (and Possibly National) Nursing Diploma Scandal: Steps for Providers to Minimize Exposure Weinstein, David S.  
The Importance of Resolution-Centered Customer Care in the Healthcare Industry Watkins, Becky  
The Basics of Self-Referral of Ancillary Services Warren, Kevin  
Community Health Center La Clinica: Playing a Foundational Role in Keeping Our Community Healthy Walters II, Carl, I.  
Creating a Patient/Family Centered Safety Culture Wallin, RN, MHA, Terri  
What Happens When the (Career) Thrill is Gone: Helping Physicians and Senior Healthcare Executives Overcome Frustration and Burn-out Walker, MD, MHA, Edward, A.  
To Merge or Not to Merge: How to Prepare for this Decision Wales, CFA, Harman Hurst,  Roberta
Board Governance: The Fun is Just Beginning Walerius, Robert Moriarty,  Casey
Improving the Health of Community Hospitals: Is Affiliation an Option? Walerius, Robert Moriarty,  Casey
Washington's New Domestic Partner Law Causes Headaches for Employers Walch, John  
HR - Yes There is an App for that! Wagar, CPA, Carol  
PCI DSS: One More Data Security Regulation Required for Providers Villanueva, Kevin  
Disaster Recovery: What's Your Plan? Villanueva, Kevin  
Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Find Out with a Red Team Penetration Assessment Villanueva, Kevin King  John
Think You're HIPAA Compliant? You May Not Be - and Even If You Are, It May Not Be Enough to Protect Patient Data Villanueva, Kevin Gunter  Brandon
Employer Beware: 2009 to Bring Significant Employment Law Changes Vestal, Josephine, B.  
As Hospitals Trend Toward Employee Physicians, What Are the Employment Law Consequences? Vestal, Josephine, B. Peters,  Sharon
What Issues Will Employers Face in 2013? Vestal, Josephine B.  
OPPS Final Rule Finalizes Limits for Off Campus Departments Vernaglia, Lawrence W. Storey  Cheryl
Prepare for Provider Relief Fund Reporting and Single Audit Requirements Venkateswaran, CPA, Aparna Green, MS, CHFP,  Georgia
HHS Releases Provider Relief Fund Revised Reporting Requirements and Opens Portal Venkateswaran, Aparna Scott,  Melaney
Swedish Shatters any Vestige of a Glass Ceiling Vassall II, M.D., John, H.  
The SALT Physical for the Telemedicine Industry An Article Providing State & Local Tax Considerations for Telehealth Entities Van Arnum, JD, LLM, Cory Van Arnum Sarah  Buhl, CPA,
Virtual Mock-Ups Streamline the Lean 3P Process Valmonte, EDAC, Mary, C.  
Make Money for Your Organization by Bringing the Release of Information Process (ROI) In-House Ussery, Erin  
Providence ElderPlace Celebrates 20 Years Tuller, Susan  
How Health Care Organizations Can Use the New Markets Tax Credit Tong, CPA, Kinman Alderton, JD,  Benjamin
Five Ways to Know If the CMS CHART Model Community Transformation Track Is Right for You Tirado, MBA, MPA, Shanah Miller,  Allen
What the IOM Recommendations Mean to Washington State Tieman, RN, MN, FACHE, Linda  
Is There Really a Nursing Shortage in Washington State? Tieman, RN, MN, FACHE, Linda  
Academic Progression in Nursing: an Investment in Better Patient Outcomes Tieman, RN, MN, FACHE, Linda  
Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: the Wave of the Future Tieman, RN, MN, FACHE, Linda  
How Healthcare Professionals Can Take Action Against Diabetes Thurston, MS, RD, CDE, Marcelle  
CMS Draft Guidance Offers a New Approach to Hospital Co-Location Thurber, Ryan Iams,  Sara
New Stark Rules Raise Compliance Challenges Tessin, Robyn, M.  
Is Your Revenue Cycle Prepared for Coverage Expansion? Taylor, Meg Hayward,  Lindsay
Retirement Plan Management: Exception Management & Replacement Tasker, Rick  
Five Vital Elements of a Healthy Physician Buy/Sell Agreement Swartley, CFA, ASA, Calvin  
Keep Physician Compensation Contracts in Compliance to Avoid Stark Law Violations Swartley, Calvin  
How Physician Practices Can Improve Cash Flow Swan, Lisa  
Scaling Wellness Program Return on Investment Sutton, Andrew  
The Balancing Act: Medical Plan Cost Control Programs & Member (dis) Satisfaction Sutton, Andrew  
HIPAA Civil Money Penalties: Is There A Limit? Studebaker, Emily, R Rose,  Stephen, D
HHS Proposes Changes to the Medicare Wage Index System Storey, CPA, Cheryl Holden, CPA,  Paul
A Behavior-Based Care Management System Meets Challenges in a Post Health Care Reform World Stone, Ph.D., David  
Who are you Gonna Call? Behavior-Based Services Keep The Workplace Productive Stone, Ph.D., David  
The Behavioral Health Provider: Your New BFF Stone, Ph.D., David  
Stay Ahead of the Curve with Management Succession Steranka, Mark  
Is Your Audit Committee Highly Functional? Stelzriede, Stacy, J.  
The Dual Eligible Program: Better Coordination to Improve Access to Care Standring, Tom  
Final Regulations Issued on the Washington Domestic Violence Leave Act Stahlfeld, Susan Moriarty,  Casey
Socio-cultural Considerations in Mass Decontamination Stacy, Jeremy  
Double Trouble - Disruptive Physicians and Hostile Work Environments Spillane, Mary, H. Baker,  Kimberly, D.
Common Gaps in Disability Insurance Sorenson, Janae  
Managing Populations through Crisis: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Snyder, MD, FAAP, Andrew Tirado, MBA, MPA,  Shanah
Saving Private Healthcare Insurance Snodgrass, CLU, ChFC, David  
New State Restrictions on Stop-Loss Policies Threaten Employer Self-Funding Snodgrass, CLU, ChFC, David  
CMS Updates Hospice Payment Rates for 2024 Fiscal Year Snider, Stacie Hartley,  Steven
A Perfect Charge Description Master Isn't Enough Smull, Rob  
The New Excise Tax Penalties: Compliance is Your Best Defense Smith, SPHR, Susan  
Why Now is the Time to Self-Fund Smith, SPHR, Susan  
Lifestyle Funds: Target Date and Risk-Based Investment Options for 401(k) and 403(b) Plans Small, William Harris,  Ward
Retirement Plan Management: A Brave New World of Compliance Small, William Harris,  Ward
Retirement Plan Management: Another Layer of Disclosure Required for Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans Small, William  
Diving into the Social Networking Pool? Here's What You Need to Know First Sluck, Becky  
Seventh Circuit Declines to Adopt "Worthless Services" FCA Theory Shu, Pamela Cohn,  Jonathon
Medical Marijuana and the Workplace Shore, Jim  
Using Physician Noncompete Agreements in Washington Shore, James, M.  
The Importance of Screening Medical Patients for Behavioral Health Issues Senske, PsyD, Jeremy  
Private Placement Securities: Another Option for Institutional Investors Sell, Scott  
What Employers Should Know About Employment Screening Sears, Jeff  
$25.5 Billion in Additional Provider Relief Fund Distribution Announced Scott, Melaney Venkateswaran,  Aparna
HITECH Health Reform: Health IT Funding, HIPAA 2.0 and the Impact of the HITECH Act Schoolcraft, David, G.  
Why Healthcare Companies Must Navigate Muddy Waters of ESG Requirements Salahuddin, Rashida  
How the ACA Impacts Compliance and Ethics Programs of LTC Facilities Runge, Amy  
An Overview of the Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting and Finance 2nd Edition Rundio, PhD, DNP, RN, APRN, NEA-BC, FNAP, FIAAN, FAAN, Al  
Weingarten Rights - Unionized Employees' Right to a Representative in Investigatory Interviews Rowan, Daniel L. Duckworth,  J. Chris
Back to the Future: New Plan Administrator Requirements Under Health Care Reform Rothe, MBA, Jessica  
Health Reimbursement Accounts or Health Savings Accounts: Which One is Right for Your Employees? Roth, MBA, Jessica Swanson,  Lita
Prospective versus Retrospective Bundled Payments: Looking ahead, not looking back Ross, MPH, MBA, Olivia  
Are Healthcare Provider Challenges to Medicaid Cuts Dead? Rose, Stephen D.