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Welcome to the Healthcare News Library of Healthcare Management Articles! This is where you will find articles that were published in prior editions of the Healthcare News. Articles are initially sorted by last date published. Click on title headings to sort in ascending or decending order. Search for results using the search bar.

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Information Management: Now a Business-Critical Choice Naubert, Bill  
Mt. Scott II Professional Center: Teamwork Produces Another Successful Medical Facility Greenwood, Roberta  
Parker, Smith & Feek Now Among the Largest 100 Insurance Brokerage Firms in the United States Peel, David  
New Stark Rules Raise Compliance Challenges Tessin, Robyn, M.  
Short Term Investment Strategies Require Change in Today's Environment Leahy, Ryan  
Your Insurance Broker: Providing Value Beyond Just Finding Carriers Hall, BSN, MPH, ARM, Sharon, L.  
OIG Holds Hospital Boards Accountable on Fraud Audits Herbert, Donna  
Proper Website Organization Will Attract New Patients Morgan, Don  
"Never Events" Responsible for One of Six Medical Malpractice Liability Claims Hirsch, Janet  
Stevens Hospital: Not So Typical and Rather Remarkable Carter, Mike  
IRS Focuses on Tax Exempt Health Care Organizations Langfeldt, Monica  
St. Elias Specialty Hospital: Bridging the Gap for Long-term Care Patients in Alaska Greenwood, Roberta  
Best Practices in Payer Contracting Rivera, Jamon  
JCW, Inc.: Evolving with Technology, Building for the Future Peel, David  
Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Coming Soon to Washington: Are You Ready to Handle Medical Record Request Audits? Knack, Mary Re Peterson,  Arissa, M.
Walla Walla Medical Pavilion: Delivering Comprehensive Care to Women Greenwood, Roberta  
Update Your Policies Now to Comply with ADAAA Feldman, Kathryn, L.  
Thriving in Tough Economic Times Through a Bundle of Best Bedside Practices Hansten, PhD, RN, FACHE, Ruth, I.  
Personal Financial Planning: Not Just for the Rich Landrie, CFP, Lars  
Toppenish Community Hospital: "Life Transitions" Opens Doors for Geriatric Mental Health Services Greenwood, Roberta  
Employer Beware: 2009 to Bring Significant Employment Law Changes Vestal, Josephine, B.  
What Happens When the (Career) Thrill is Gone: Helping Physicians and Senior Healthcare Executives Overcome Frustration and Burn-out Walker, MD, MHA, Edward, A.  
Washington State Association for Health Care Recruitment: Working Together - Enriching Care Albano, SPHR, Valerie  
An Interview with George J. Brown, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Health System Peel, David  
Boost Your Critical Access Hospital Bottom Line with Swing Bed Designation Herbert, Donna Davis-Fleming, MS, FACHE, FHFMA,  Joe
Maintaining an Effective and Low Cost Compliance Program for Rural Hospitals Rose, Stephen DewBerry,  Carla, M.
2009 Joint Commission: Implementing the New Conduct Standards Montgomery, Greg  
A Perfect Charge Description Master Isn't Enough Smull, Rob  
How Physician Practices Can Improve Cash Flow Swan, Lisa  
TGB Architects: Building Solutions for Health and Healing Greenwood, Roberta  
The Process Improvement Imperative Jasman Cech, MHSA, Bonnie  
Constantine Builders Announces Opening of New Surgical Building Greenwood, Roberta  
KPS Health Plans: Nimble and Responsive to Changing Health Plan Trends Marks, Richard  
Is Concierge Care Right for You? Meserole, Leslie, M.  
Anticipating the Trends: Current Challenges We Face as the State's Leading Medical Professional Liability Insurer Peskura, CPCU, RPLU, Susan  
An Interview with Ken Provencher, President and Chief Executive Officer of PacificSource Health Plans Peel, David  
Private Placement Securities: Another Option for Institutional Investors Sell, Scott  
Northwest Health Insurance Industry Capital Drops $595 Million in 2008 Peel, David  
Personal Health Information: Compliance and Security Kradjan, Chris  
Electronic Medical Records: Friend or Foe? Janes, Carol Sue  
Poliner v. Texas Health Systems: Confirming Peer Review Immunity Crisera, Jennifer Gannon  
An Interview with John Long, President of MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA Peel, David  
Proliance Highlands Medical Center Opens to Serve Patients in Issaquah and Beyond Greenwood, Roberta  
CIO Watch Words: Focus on the Basics, Integrate and Prepare for the Futuretered Martin, Tom, M.  
Retirement 2.0 - What Now? Harris, Ward, M.  
Are You Really Listening to Your Patients? Morgan, Don  
The Seven "W's" of the Employee Termination Meeting Feider, Darren, A.  
Current Topics & Trends in DB Retirement Plan Management: Part 1 - Fund It, Fix It or Forget About It? Harris, Ward, M.  
Nurse Shortage? What Nurse Shortage? Rink, Mike  
Credentialing - A Road to Success Mejia, Gisela  
NorthWest Supply, Inc. Announces Expansion of Warehouse Facility: Move Increases Quantity and Variety of Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Inventory Peel, David  
Taking Rural Healthcare to Heart: Creativity, Collaboration and Commitment Bring Specialist Care to the Peninsulas Haile, Naomi  
Certificate of Need: Strategy Lessons Learned from Recent Washington Court Cases Grimm, Brian W.  
The Risks and Rewards of Healthcare Facility Construction Hartzel, CIA, Sharon Komoto, CIA, CHC,  Shirley
The Evolving Nature of Ethics and Compliance in the Healthcare Industry Desmond, Scott  
Current Topics & Trends in DB Retirement Plan Management Part 2 - Five Things to Avoid Harris, Ward, M.  
Diving into the Social Networking Pool? Here's What You Need to Know First Sluck, Becky  
Ready? or Not? A First Look at Washington Hospital Succession Practices Gibson, Cathy  
Why Benchmark?: How Medical Practices Can Use Benchmarking to "Raise the Bar" Nolan, MHA, FACMPE, Crystal  
Human Resources in the New World - Globalization, Technology and Outsourcing Fisher, Daniel, W.  
Recovery Audit Contractors Are Not Going Away... Will Your Facility Survive the Assault? Herbert, Donna  
Foster Pepper PLLC Announces New Labor and Employment Service Kebler, Julie  
Employers Take Note: Federal Benefit Legislation Impacting Employer-Sponsored Programs Curtice, Melanie, K.  
Vivacity Launched to Help Employers Lower Rate of Healthcare Cost Increases Peel, David  
Investment Risk Management: Who Should You Trust? Harris, Ward, M.  
Are the Assets in Your Trust Accessible to Creditors? Abramowitz, B., Kay Wiyrick Flores,  June
Patient Safety: Demand for Change in Anatomic Pathology Howard, M.D., Ph.D., Don Anderson,  David
Errors & Omissions Insurance: What Managed Care Organizations Must Know Couch, Steve  
How Benchmarking Can Help Your Facility Achieve Financial Wellness Herbert, Donna Davis-Fleming, MS FACHE, FHFMA,  Joe
DB Retirement Plan Management Part 3: How Do You Measure Success? Harris, Ward, M.  
Recapitalization in the Healthcare Industry: We've Only Just Begun Kitchell, Wiley, P.  
Managing Investments Through the Volatile Financial Crisis Joy, Naomi  
Rush Commercial Teams to Build Tacoma's Carol Milgard Breast Center Greenwood, Roberta  
Community Health Centers: Vital to Healthcare's Present and Future Haile, Nora  
Community Health Center La Clinica: Playing a Foundational Role in Keeping Our Community Healthy Walters II, Carl, I.  
What Employers Should Know About Employment Screening Sears, Jeff  
Retirement Plan Management Part 4: We Have a Report, Now What? Harris, Ward, M.  
A New MBA Program in Healthcare Management for the Pacific Northwest Huntzicker, PhD, James, J.  
Lessons From Ike: Healthcare and Highways - There is a Relationship Hopkins, Peg  
Keeping ICE Out of the Workplace: An Update in I-9 Compliance Curran, Keelin Burt,  Alena
Legal Issues in Employee Fraud Bottomly, Leslie  
Finding What Does Work in Healthcare Brooks, David  
Where to Find the Perfect Practice Manager Peel, David  
HITECH Health Reform: Health IT Funding, HIPAA 2.0 and the Impact of the HITECH Act Schoolcraft, David, G.  
Are You Prepared for the CMS Paid-Claims Reporting Requirements? Morse, Gary  
Learning and Living Lean at KPS Health Plans Goldberg, Paul Yeoman,  Michelle
Retirement Plan Management: Exception Management & Replacement Tasker, Rick  
Need Help? Legal Issues When Hiring Caregivers Mark, Stacey  
Leadership in Technology: Harnessing the Power of the Pyramid Wright, Wes  
State Medicaid Rate Cuts: Legal Challenges and Possible Solutions Madden, Michael Scott,  Jill B.
Closing the Physician Retirement Gap Dorigan, Jr., James, T.  
Regional Health Information Organizations May Now Qualify for Tax-Exempt Status Langfeldt, Monica  
Portland's Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Introduces the iMRI Greenwood, Roberta  
Collaborative Relationships Between Providers & Health Plans Are Key Maturi, Rich  
Investment Income: Revenue Enhancement for Pension Plan, Foundation & Endowment Investors Harris, Ward, M.  
Essentials of Provider Reimbursement: Inpatient Hospital Johnson, FHFMA, Dwight  
Washington's Expanded Domestic Partnership Law: What Employers Need to Know Barbier, Margaret, L. Lennon,  Erin, L.
Money and Medicine: How Better Financial and Retirement Planning Can Benefit Physicians - and Their Practice Gaffney, Dan  
It Takes a Physician: Achieving the Value Equation in Healthcare Dash, M.D., Harold  
Rush Commercial Partners Successfully with Franciscan Health System Greenwood, Roberta