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60 Minutes is Calling... and News Helicopters are Overhead!

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Such frenzied messages are the stuff of sleepless nights for hospital administrators. But, in spite of administratorsí best efforts, these calls are a given hazard of the business, and this was indeed the call received several years ago by a startled Los Angeles hospital CEO.

As now seen in the rear-view mirror, the call was proceeded by an unfortunate series of events that started with a paraplegic homeless person presenting at the hospitalís Emergency Department. Scrolling through the 24-hours following the patientís arrival at the ED, a series of triage, evaluation, discharge, and transportation glitches led to the media frenzy upon receiving surveillance camera views of the patient, still in his hospital gown, dragging himself in a Skid Row street gutter.

Lahner, Ronald, B.


Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

Law, Employment

November 30, 1999

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