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Innovation Expected to Improve Brain Surgery Outcomes

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Hydrocephalus, characterized by excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on the brain, is a common side effect of brain surgery. While CSF diversion saves more lives than any other neurosurgical procedure, it has the highest complication rate. Improper drainage routinely causes life-threatening problems, with either too much or too little diversion of the fluid. Even with the many advances in CSF diversion technology, the complication rate remains high.

Dr. Gary Magram, medical director of neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital Central California, hopes to change that. “While my primary focus has always been patient clinical care, I have also wanted to continue to pursue my interest in neurosurgical research,” he said. A fund established by grateful parents opened the door for Dr. Magram’s research, which has led to the design and development of prototypes that may lower the complication rate associated with current CSF diversion devices.

Bryant, Shawna Marie


Children's Hospital Central California

Brain Surgery

November 1, 2013

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