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Washington State Healthcare Real Estate: A View of the Forest and the Trees

First few Article Sentences

My game for this quarter’s article about healthcare real estate is Oversimplification vs. Nuance. It may not be as exciting as this year’s NFC Championship game (I am writing this article before the Super Bowl), but it is important in the healthcare real estate field to see both the forest and the trees. Sometimes it makes sense to summarize but this can lead to deceptive oversimplification.

The first year of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation concluded with a flurry of Puget Sound healthcare real estate activity, both sales and leasing. Steadfast investor and user interest in acquiring medical office buildings (MOBs) as well as continued health system growth contributed to a wave of fourth quarter investment sale and leasing transactions. I can oversimplify the real estate landscape (Oversimplification #1) by saying that increased demand is good for landlords and sellers and tough for tenants and buyers. However, a more nuanced reaction (Nuance #1) is that that most tenants and buyers are also pleased with continued demand for healthcare services and will also ultimately profit from the positive trends.

Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul



Real Estate

March 1, 2015

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