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How Incivility in the Workplace Negatively Impacts the Patient Experience

First few Article Sentences

It was the first - and the last - time I went to this doctor. When I walked in, not only did I feel like I was assaulted, I felt like I was doomed.

All I wanted was an annual check-up! So when I approached the reception desk and felt the tension that was so obvious and conspicuous, I experienced a huge let-down followed by a deep sense of apprehension. I caught the tail end of a discussion between two women in scrubs that was loud and getting louder. While they did not mention a name, they gestured towards the receptionist; I gathered their 'discussion' was about her. I couldn't hear the entire conversation, but I clearly heard "Well, she's always doing that!". That confirmed my suspicion.

Ore, Gina W.


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Patient Experience

October 1, 2017

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