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Kickbacks in the Age of The Internet

First few Article Sentences

Historically, it has been common practice for businesses to enter into referral relationships to boost business and increase profits. These mutually beneficial relationships can be invaluable marketing tools for growing a business' customer base without having to expend large sums on direct advertising and marketing campaigns. But in the healthcare industry, referral relationships can come at a high cost. Consider the following scenario: Dr. A approaches a related specialist, Dr. B, and offers a cut of the profits for each patient Dr. B sends Dr. A's way. Most practicing healthcare professionals today are acutely aware of this type of kickback arrangement and the legal danger it poses. But in the age of the internet, kickbacks can take on new and more complicated forms that may escape the notice of healthcare professionals.

Newborn, Akiva


Nelson Hardiman

Law, Kickback Issues

January 1, 2018

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