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Star Date 2020: What Will Your Office Look Like?

First few Article Sentences

The year 2020 seems so far away (it is not). What will your office look like in the year 2020? Probably very similar to today for many practices. The better question is, what could it be in 2020? Technology in healthcare, i.e., physician practice is accelerating. Gone are the days of the slow, cumbersome electronic medical record. Most practice management and electronic medical records systems are becoming easy to use for you and your patients. New features using mobile technology, kiosks, or home based systems are being developed daily.

Many practices are just happy to have installed an electronic medical record, report MIPS and MACRA data and have a patient portal. You have only just begun. Three major reasons that your investment in technology has only started are: 1) the high personnel costs, 2) millennials will be responsible for most healthcare decisions starting in 2020, and 3) communications with patients and other healthcare providers will be more advanced.

Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas


Medic Management Group, LLC

Practice Management

September 1, 2018

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