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Maximizing Revenue and Relationships in the Age of Patient Consumerism

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Maintaining financial stability is a challenge for any healthcare provider's office, but especially in the industry's current age of patient consumerism. The increases in regulation and the transparency of medical care processes have given rise to healthcare consumerism, wherein newly empowered patients have control over their healthcare experience. Along with shifting reimbursement strategies and the increased demand on patient financial responsibility, improving your bottom line has become even trickier.

Every station in the revenue cycle has room for improvement, and it's difficult to keep those processes efficient and optimized for maximum recoveries in conditions of continuous change. Whether you're trying to appeal to the healthcare consumer, collect more data from patients, process insurance claims more proficiently, or collect patient revenue, this article identifies the current challenges facing healthcare providers, and then offers several modern solutions to maximize revenue collection with the healthcare consumer in mind.

Eggert, Brian


IC System

Revenue Cycle

November 6, 2018

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