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Practice Stability and Consistency are Vital to Success

First few Article Sentences

The most significant characteristic of a practice is its unique culture and history. Whether your practice consists of a solo practitioner, group, health system, it is important to remember that the practice attracted its patients based on the personalities and styles of its physicians and staff-known as your Brand. These attributes translate into a practice culture that must continue if the practice expects to retain its patients during times of change.

A medical practice goes through periods of instability many times during its life cycle, such as if a partner suddenly dies or becomes disabled, a key employee joins or leaves, cash flow becomes a problem, the practice moves, is part of a "roll up" or an acquisition. It is at these times that strong and consistent leadership is vital. A physician partner must rise to the occasion and guide the organization through the changes providing clear direction, making sound decisions, and relying on facts not emotion. A leader steps back and sees the Forest from the trees, decisions are made.

Ferkovic, R. Ph., MS, Thomas


Medic Management Group LLC

Practice Management

September 10, 2019

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