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What Are Your Three Most Important Decisions

First few Article Sentences

Life is about decisions, every day we make decisions about schedules, finances, patients, even lunch. Many, many decisions. Decisions made this quarter, or this year will affect your future. Okay, maybe not the lunch decision. Not making a decision can also affect your future. Not dealing with an issue such as an unproductive physician or disruptive employee, missing an investment opportunity for the future are all decisions. Passive decisions. No decision, is a decision that we must recognize.

What are the three most important decisions that you must make in the next 90 days? Take a moment to think about the issues causing you the most stress. Write them down. Each issue will most likely be made up of several decisions. Start by dissecting the overall issue into components. If a component requires data or research, delegate (if possible) the information gathering, specify what, when and format you need. Hold the researcher accountable. Track the management decisions you need to make by setting deadlines and following up. One simple tracking tool can be a piece of paper, for each week, that has days of the week listed and a column for end of month. List items that need to be completed on the day of the week you require a completed task. List month end tasks under the month end column. Each week start a new sheet. Simpler, use a legal pad with a line done the middle to list tasks to do on one side and date on the other. If you like technology many ‘to do’ list apps are available. The point is, nothing gets completed without follow up/accountability/measurement.

Kerkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas


Medic Management Group, LLC.

Practice Management

March 12, 2019

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