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Managing Populations through Crisis: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

First few Article Sentences

In merely days, COVID-19 evolved from an international concern to a national emergency here in the United States. Public health officials and hospital administrators across the country are on high alert, frantically building capacity for an escalating crisis and trying to amass critical resources that are not readily available.

Officials have frequently compared the nationwide community effort needed to combat this to that of World War II, in an effort to activate civilians in taking on the extreme yet deceivingly simple-sounding duty of social distancing. This comes at a great economic expense and challenges fundamental aspects of the American ethos: individual freedom and the daily pursuit of the American Dream. It is in these times that leaders call upon us to unite against a common enemy. But this enemy, is invisible. The damage it causes, however, is not.

Snyder, MD, FAAP, Andrew

Tirado, MBA, MPA, Shanah

COPE Health Solutions


April 7, 2020

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