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Navigating Through Health and Mental Health Challenges in a COVID-19 Environment

First few Article Sentences

On the many calls and Zoom meetings I am having with friends, the inevitable question asked early in the conversation is simply, “How are you doing?” The intent isn’t to see if we have Covid-19; it is a recognition that this new environment is having a significant emotional impact on us all. It’s code. The expected response is that we are “not okay.” The hope on the other end of the line is that we will ask the question in return so that they can share that they are also “not okay.” Strangely enough, it turns out that being “not okay” right now is actually okay.

We are unsure of what life we will look like coming out of this pandemic. Stress and uncertainty are contributing to personal and professional discomfort and anxiety, which is impacting our well-being. One of the more promising trends in pre-pandemic mental health was a significant reduction in stigma associated with mental health disorders. Further decreasing this stigma will lead to better overall well-being for ourselves, our families, and our coworkers and employees, but only if we can access the help we need.

Feltz, John


Parker Smith & Feek


June 1, 2020

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