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Health care experts forecast how hospitals must prepare for the Post-Covid-19 Crisis – Six Things to Do

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The coronavirus pandemic has heaped inconceivable loss on Americans. Acute, and potentially longer term structural, financial ramifications have impacted individuals to institutions. The federal government has spent trillions in relief dollars to date and is now considering a fifth round of relief funds in an attempt and to avert a potential depression and jump-start the economy. Only tough choices lie ahead as it is clear that the lack of a coordinated response to the novel coronavirus epidemic is creating confusion at state and local levels, potentially hampering the ability to get infections under control.

Among the sectors experiencing significant physical, psychological, and financial damage is the hospital industry, where structural gaps in preparation, supplies, coverage, and public health are on display daily. We interviewed several healthcare experts from across the country, including senior leadership from health systems, hospitals, health plans and insurers, physician groups, post-acute, healthcare attorneys, and ancillary providers to gain their perspectives on the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic to date and what the future may hold.

Dougherty, FACHE, Tom

Miller, Allen

COPE Health Solutions


August 4, 2020

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