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The Wage and Hour Implications of Having All Hands On Deck

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During a storm or other emergency, a command from the captain of a vessel for “all hands on deck” means that all crew is to report to the deck immediately and help navigate the ship through the storm. With the COVID-19 pandemic stubbornly continuing to spread through the country, medical institutions are findings themselves in a similar, precarious, all hands on deck position. Understandably, the concern over timekeeping and payroll is rarely at the forefront. However, once the pandemic is controlled, as is usually the case, past payroll issues can form the genesis of class actions, which can cost healthcare institutions millions in wage-and-hour litigation.

This article provides a few helpful tips for medical human resources personnel to handle rapid increases in labor force and labor hours, which can occur during a time of a pandemic. Specifically, this article looks at how medical institutions can prepare for these situations by: (1) conducting a top-level internal audit of the facility’s policies; (2) speak with outside labor and employment counsel to become comprised of all recent and emerging wage-and-hour laws; (3) document any temporary or permanent changes in wage-and-hour policies that are implemented as a result of Covid-19; and (4) communicate with employees about the facility’s focus on the employees’ safety.

Polishuk, Alexander



Law, Payroll Records

August 4, 2020

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