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A Little Faith Can Be Contagious

First few Article Sentences

Lessons from a Libertarian

Ayn Rand’s best-selling novel, The Fountainhead, begins with a vivid description of her main character’s relationship with life and the society in which he exists. The novel’s protagonist promoted Rand’s belief that individualism is superior to collectivism, a notion embraced by modern day libertarians. Conservative on the political spectrum, the so-called “right-wing” agenda exists in contrast to much of the policy promoted by the nation’s supposed “left-wing” President and Congressional leadership. These fictional labels behind which the nation often rallies, however, can be just as misleading as Rand’s proclaimed atheism and pro-choice beliefs. While the growing social divide within the United States on the other hand is hard to miss, the passion of Howard Roark, with or without clothes, still inspires an ideology that life is a gift with unlimited possibilities.

Garner, Craig B.


Garner Health Law Corporation


May 11, 2021

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