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Strategies to Alleviate Inbox Burdens Erupting During COVID-19

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Health care management is increasingly complex during the COVID-19 pandemic with many challenges expected to remain as it subsides—in particular, increased inbox volumes as virtual care expands with burnout also on the rise.

External pressures in the market and industry pile on as internal compulsions for productivity and time management amass at a fever pitch; despite promises for efficiency, electronic heath record (EHR) tools can add to administrative burden. Burnout is at epidemic rates, and however well-intentioned, wellness initiatives often manage symptoms but leave root causes untreated.

Fortunately, lean methodologies can help providers in ambulatory practice regain control of days, complete work, and return home on time—while still delivering excellent care and a sense of professional satisfaction.

Pittenger, MD, Kim


Moss Adams


May 11, 2021

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