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Public Health Nurse I-II, Mariposa, CA

Mariposa County Health Department


Mariposa, CA

October 30, 2017

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Public Health Nurse I-II

Salary $4,895.36 - $6,575.10 Monthly
Location Mariposa, CA
Job Type Full-time
Department Health
Job Number 145
Closing 11/30/2017 5:00 PM Pacific


There is currently one Full-Time vacancy in the Public Health division of the Health Department that will be filled at either the I or II level.

The monthly salary range for the Public Health Nurse I position is $4,895.36 - $5,949.90.
The monthly salary range for the Public Health Nurse II position is $5,409.11 - $6,575.10.


Under direction, to provide public health nursing services to individual clients and the community at large in connection with the prevention and control of disease or adverse health conditions; and to perform related duties and responsibilities as required.


Public Health Nurse I/II is a flexibly-staffed class series. Advancement from the I to the II level is at the discretion of the County Health Officer with recommendations from the Public Health Nursing Manager, provided that the following criteria are met: (1) the minimum qualifications requirements, (2) demonstration of the ability to independently perform the full scope of the assigned duties, and (3) assignment and performance of the duties of the experienced level as defined in the Distinguishing Characteristics of the Public Health Nurse II below.

Public Health Nurse I is the entry-level of this professional series. It provides a full range of public health nursing services including clinic services; counseling and guidance; fieldwork in schools, homes, and community centers in connection with the prevention and control of disease or adverse health conditions; and the development of healthy lifestyles. Assignments at this level are subject to close supervision and review while in progress and upon completion.

Public Health Nurse II is the experienced level in the series. This classification differs from Public Health Nurse I in that incumbents at the II level are expected to perform the more difficult assignments with minimal supervision and review and may act in a lead capacity or assist in the training and supervision of subordinate staff. Public Health Nurse II differs from the Public Health Nursing Manager which is responsible for directing and coordinating public health nursing field activities and personnel.


I – Receives close supervision from the Public Health Nursing Manager and/or the County Health Officer. May receive lead direction from the Public Health Nurse II. May exercise lead direction over paraprofessional and clerical staff.

II – Receives general supervision from the Public Health Nursing Manager and/or the County Health Officer. May exercise technical and functional direction over other professional staff and paraprofessional staff, and exercises lead direction over clerical staff on a routine basis.

Examples of Duties

Provides public health nursing services to individual clients and the community at large, including clinical care, home visits, counseling, public health instruction, and education.

Assists in the promotion, development, maintenance, and staffing of maternal child adolescent health; immunization; child lead poisoning prevention; oral health; child health disability prevention; foster care; communicable disease; rabies prevention programs; family planning; substance abuse and mental health programs; and clinic services.

Assists in developing program policies and procedures; assists with in evaluating program effectiveness.

Makes referrals to other agencies and/or providers as appropriate; assists clients in accessing health and community services as needed.

Participates in epidemiological investigations in the home, school or community, identifying potential risks to the community, and implementing measures for disease containment.

Prepares written educational materials for distribution to the community; locates, evaluates and distributes existing educational materials as appropriate.

Works with physicians and community groups to keep, establish, and carry on work in the promotion of maternal and child health.

Participates in conferences, task forces and meetings, and confers with public health administrators and others on community public health problems.

Attends civic and other community meetings and events to explain and promote the activities and functions of the program and to establish favorable public relations; gives public speaking presentations as requested; prepares publicity materials for distribution; oversees and/or participates in community events as appropriate.

Coordinates and/or participates in special programs and projects as assigned.

Responds to and resolves citizen, client or community requests for assistance, complaints or inquiries.

Coordinates assigned activities and programs with those of other departments, divisions and agencies as appropriate.

Performs general administrative and clerical work as required, including preparing reports and correspondence, conducting and attending meetings, copying and filing documents, entering and retrieving computer data, assembling materials, sending and receiving faxes, answering the telephone, compiling data for reports, preparing mailings, etc.

Public Health Nurse II (in addition the above):

Provides and/or coordinates staff training; offers advice and assistance as needed; recommends disciplinary measures as appropriate.

Develops program goals, objectives, policies, procedures and protocols.

Administer specialized public health programs under minimal supervision

Minimum Qualifications


Public Health Nurse I

One year of full-time equivalent experience as a Public Health Nurse is desirable.

Public Health Nurse II

Two years of full-time equivalent experience as a Public Health Nurse with increasing assumption of administrative responsibilities. A Master's degree in nursing or public health can substitute for one year of the required experience.

If using to substitute for one year of the required experience, attach a copy of your Master's degree/transcript to your application.

A copy of your resume detailing your experience must be attached to your resume for either the Public Health Nurse I or Public Health Nurse II level.


(Both Public Health Nurse I and II)

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in nursing.

A copy of your college degree/transcript must be attached to your application.

Additional Requirements:

(Both Public Health Nurse I and II)

Possession of a valid and current Registered Nurse license issued by the State of California.

A copy of your license must be attached to your application.

Possession of a valid and current Public Health Nurse certificate issued by the State of California. (For the Public Health Nurse I, if not certified, must obtain certification as a Public Health Nurse within one year of employment).

To qualify for Public Health Nurse II, you must attach a copy of your certification to your application.

Possession of a valid and current Health Care Provider CPR certification.
A copy of your CPR certification must be attached to your application.

Possession of a valid California driver's license. Under certain circumstances, the Human Resources Director may accept a valid driver's license from another State if applicant acknowledges his/her intent to acquire a California driver's license within three months by signing an acknowledgement form.

Supplemental Information

Knowledge of:

Pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations, codes and ordinances.

Accepted Public Health Nursing standards.

Principles, procedures and techniques used in planning, evaluating and administering public health programs.

Principles and practices of nursing as applied to public health practice, and preventive medicine.

Recent developments, current literature, and sources of information related to public health administration.

Principles, methods and procedures of nursing as applied to public health practice, and of preventive medicine.

Principles, practices, and current issues in health education, including mental health, substance abuse, maternal and child health, and general public health.

Basic causes and types of treatment for substance abuse, mental health disorders and public health issues.

Sociological, cultural, environmental, and economic factors affecting individual and public health.

Causes, means of transmission, and methods of controlling communicable diseases.

Interviewing and counseling practices and techniques.

Principles, techniques and materials used in public health education.

Modern office practices and technology, including the use of computers for word processing and records management.

English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Safe work practices.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills and techniques.

Ability to:

Interpret, analyze and apply federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances.

Plan, organize, evaluate, and provide leadership in community health programs and public health nursing activities.

Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the work of subordinate staff.

Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, determine consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals.

Exercise initiative, ingenuity, and sound judgment in solving difficult administrative, professional, technical, and personnel problems.

Research and prepare effective public education and information materials.

React quickly and calmly in emergency situations.

Make effective public presentations.

Communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

Carry out departmental and County missions.


Work is performed in an office and clinic environment and may include outdoor work and in-home visits. Incumbent drives on surface streets and may be exposed to traffic hazards, adverse weather conditions, temperature extremes, wetness, communicable disease, pathogenic substances, odors, skin irritants.


Requires the mobility to work in an office and clinic environment. Requires the ability to sit at desk for long periods of time and intermittently walk, stand, run, climb, balance, bend, squat, twist and reach while performing office and/or clinical duties; operate motor vehicles; lift and/or move light to moderately heavy weights; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation. Must be able to maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for making observations, communicating with others, reading and writing, and operating office and medical equipment. Must be able to use a telephone to communicate verbally and a keyboard to communicate through written means, to review information and enter/retrieve data, to see and read characters on a computer screen. Requires the strength and stamina to perform clinical duties.


All interested applicants must complete and submit a job application and a resume including any required supplemental questionnaires, and attach any required documentation. For those who meet the minimum qualifications, a competitive evaluation of the training and experience described on your application or supplemental questionnaire, a written examination, a structured oral interview, a performance rating, or a combination of any of these, may be performed. You will be scored based on that competitive evaluation. This process may be altered if there are ten or less applicants that qualified.

Agency Mariposa County

P.O. Box 1917
4988 11th Street, Suite B
Mariposa, California, 95338.

Phone 209-742-1379


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