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Practice Administrator, Portland, OR

Organization: Northwest Women's Clinic
Category: Administrator
Location: Portland, OR
Date Job Posted: January 29, 2020
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Job Summary: The Practice Administrator will report to the Managing Partner for decisions regarding day-to-day operations and to the Board of Directors for long range strategic planning goals. They will be responsible for providing administrative direction and coordination in the formulation, interpretation and administration of current and long-range policies, procedures and programs. They will work in collaboration with board members, front-line leaders, and staff to create an engaging environment, focusing on safety, clinical quality, and financial stewardship. They will strive to create a workplace environment that promotes staff, physician, and patient satisfaction.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Develops long-term strategies and manages the strategic direction of the organization. Demonstrates the ability to facilitate the corporate legal structure, define policy and define the organization’s culture in conjunction with the organization’s Board of Directors.
  • Ensures that patients receive the best possible care, keeps the organization focused on patient safety and efficient operations.
  • Oversees effective staffing strategies, recruitment and retention, training, and performance evaluation processes.
  • Ensures the financial viability of the organization by establishing and maintaining systems to ensure a profitable and compliant practice.
  • Ensures organization compliance with all regulatory agencies governing health care delivery and the rules of accrediting bodies. Continually monitors operations, programs, physical properties and initiates appropriate changes.
  • Implements an effective business plan and effectively manages daily clinical and administrative operations across all sites.
  • Represents the organization in its relationships with other professional organizations, government agencies, and third-party payers.
  • Maintains a program to provide an overall safe environment, prevent or minimize adverse events, and comply with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Serves as liaison and channel of communication between the Board of Directors and its committees and the medical and administrative staffs.
  • Effectively oversees multiple locations by negotiating and managing all vendor contracts, lease agreements and maintenance needs.
  • Develops strategic planning regarding office expansion and contraction using data based decision making to identify potential markets, locations, necessary resources, patient volume, payer mixes, provider recruitment, etc. Responsible for coordinating and managing any new office expansion or office closure.
  • Responsible for insurance payer credentialing and contracting, and pursues routine contract increases and carve outs or other alternative funding methods.
  • Works with the Assistant Administrator in overseeing all revenue cycle functions and related staff, and interfaces with clinic’s contacts at Athena.
  • Provides routine production analysis and distribution of reports. Promotes lean workflow analysis, which is standardized, sustainable and cost effective.
  • Creates marketing and advertising plans. Supervises and directs clinic online presence including website maintenance and management of social media outlets and reputation.
  • Continually works to improve patient office interaction and promote customer satisfaction. Work directly with the Assistant Administrator to oversee staff customer service training and target strategies to improve office based systems including phones, patient portal, wait times, communication etc. Responds effectively to patient concerns in writing and in person.
  • Identifies tactics to address staffing shortages and promote staff retention.
  • Oversee Human Resources function and personnel issues including employee handbook policy revisions, benefits packages, staff performance reviews and coaching, role clarifications and job descriptions by position, pay scale development, merit based raises, and leave and earning policies.
  • Promotes leadership development by establishing a culture of engagement focused on corporate mission, vision and values. Helps design and develop training programs that ensure technical and professional competencies of all staff members. Identifies and mentors high performing staff capable of assuming larger responsibilities and primed for promotion.
  • Designs and develops appropriate organizational structure that promotes effective, efficient decision making, identifies specific chain of command, ensures sufficient support for all staff and leads, promotes fair and equitable division of labor, prevents individual burnout and improves overall job satisfaction and office based morale.

Education and Experience

Education: Graduate degree in health care administration or business administration, FACMPE (MGMA) preferred. Bachelor’s degree required.

Experience: Seven years of executive-level experience, including five years of experience in health care administration. OB/GYN and Athena Clinicals experience strongly preferred. Multi-site management experience preferred.

To Apply

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