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Manager, Radiation Therapy, Seattle, WA

Organization: SCCA Proton Therapy Center
Category: Manager
Location: Seattle, WA
Date Job Posted: September 16, 2020
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Reporting to the Center President the Manager, Radiation Therapy ensures that Center RTT supervisors and radiation therapy staff adhere to all practice policies and procedures governing the effective, high quality, and compassionate delivery of radiation therapy. The Manager coordinates the daily radiation therapy delivery activities of the Center and works with Center managers, radiation oncologists, and external partners to deliver exceptional scanning/simulation services and radiation therapy treatments, introduce new technologies, minimize risk for patients and staff, improve unit efficiency, coordinate patient care with partner facilities, and ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. The Manager, Radiation Therapy also oversees the Scheduling Department, ensuring optimal efficiency and capacity of treatment rooms and clinical activities.

Job Education, Experience Certifications

  • Collaborate with managers, patients, physicians, and center staff to ensure high quality, patient facing, and efficient delivery of care
  • Implement protocols, policies, and procedures for RTT, CT, and scheduling services
  • Provide supervision and assistance to RTT Supervisors, RTTs, and scheduling staff
  • Work with physicians and other disciplines to facilitate efficient and effective patient scheduling
  • Foster partnerships with internal and external colleagues (e.g. partner health system colleagues and other proton center teams) in order to develop optimal processes and procedures and coordinate patient care
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation between departments with an attention to delivering patient-centered care
  • Pursue and maintain firsthand knowledge of all technical procedures
  • Function as a resource in matters related to equipment / procedure safety (e.g. hazard analysis)
  • Work with Human Resources to recruit, develop and retain staff
  • Ensure that all RTT staff, students, and trainees hold current ARRT licenses and other local, state, federal, industry certifications to treat patients; and are current on all CEU requirements
  • Ensure all staff have appropriate training and continuing education to maintain a high standard of care
  • Work with RTT Supervisors to assess key clinical competencies and develop continuing education and re-training programs as appropriate
  • Work with staff to identify and achieve their developmental goals (technical experience, further education, etc.)
  • Ensure staff remains informed by disseminating information (e.g. current activities, policy and procedure changes, etc.) via routine department meetings and other communication tools
  • Oversee quality assurance activities related to radiation treatment and imaging procedures in partnership with Quality Manager
  • Work with leadership and staff to improve processes using modern methodologies (e.g. Lean)
  • Identify and report out on key performance indicators relating to RTT and scheduling teams
  • Optimize capabilities of the tools provided (e.g. Mosaiq) to promote efficient processes and facilitate data collection
  • Work with RTT Supervisors and other department managers (e.g. Physics, Nursing, Administration) to develop and facilitate training and implementation of new equipment or technologies
  • Work with QA Manager, QA Committee, and other Center managers to prepare for accreditation survey events
  • Routinely inspect treatment and imaging rooms to ensure ACRO accreditation standards are met
  • Contribute to preparation of department annual Operating and Capital budgets, monitoring budget performance during the fiscal year
  • Monitors RTT staffing schedule / overtime to assure fiscal compliance
  • Monitors billing charges entered by RTT staff.
  • Monitor billing activities for accuracy, completeness, and compliance
  • Maintain appropriate inventory levels
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 5+ years of management experience in a radiation oncology department preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of modern radiation therapy systems and sub-systems
  • Current knowledge of simulation, imaging and treatment procedures such as IMRT, IGRT, or proton therapy
  • Demonstrated ability to expertly use an Oncology Information System, such as Mosaiq or Aria
  • Understands current radiation oncology technical billing rules / regulations and documentation required for compliant billing practices
  • Excellent understanding of the non-technical activities in effect in a modern radiation oncology department, i.e. treatment planning, quality assurance, billing, nursing, scheduling, budget compliance
  • Current knowledge and use of stereotactic - equivalent treatment immobilization and positioning
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively interact with all levels of the organization
  • Computer skills including MS Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Proven ability to adapt to an evolving and dynamic work environment; proven ability to exercise various management techniques to respond most effectively to individual staff members, medical staff and situations
  • Ability to care for patients of all ages and adjust communication / interaction methods to provide a positive patient / family member treatment experience
  • Bachelors degree required

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