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Chiropractor, PRN, Fairbanks, AK

Organization: Tanana Chiefs Conference
Category: Chiropractor
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Date Job Posted: February 23, 2023
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The Tanana Chiefs Conference provides world class health services to Alaska Natives and American Indians, as well as many non-beneficiaries, in 42 villages across the river systems of the Interior. This 235,000 square mile region is the home of the Tanana Chiefs Conference and is a paradise for those who love outdoor activities. If you are looking for a challenge and want to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of Alaska Natives and American Indians then this is the position for you. The Tanana Chiefs Conference provides a wide array of services in multiple facilities with our main location being the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center--an award winning cultural super clinic located in Fairbanks--Interior Alaska's urban hub. The Fairbanks based clinic is itself a hub that serves the larger mission of supporting health and wellness to Indian Health Service beneficiaries including an Ambulatory Surgery Center, Ophthalmology, Audiology, Urgent Care, Hematology/Oncology Services, Dental Clinic, Imaging and a host of other services.

Job incumbent focuses on the use of alternative medicine with the intention of treating musculoskeletal system complications. These medical treatments are done through various forms of spinal manipulation, which helps to alleviate pain and other related symptoms.

Adhere to the TCC Ch'eghwtsen' model of service and guiding principle which requires providing timely and effective service along with the ability to interact with others in a way that inspires trust and demonstrates respect, compassion and empathy.

Essential Functions: This list is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by incumbent(s).

Representative Duties: Under the direct supervision of Physical Therapy Supervisor job incumbent will:

  1. Perform spinal adjustments and other bodily adjustments with the purpose of correcting the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Perform medical examinations with focus on the patient's posture and spinal condition.
  3. Diagnose any health problems by looking at the patient's medical history and information provided during observational questions and examination.
  4. Monitor neuromuscular skeletal system functioning and spinal performance through chiropractic diagnosis - monitor the patient's vital signs.
  5. Perform medical testing as required.
  6. Create a treatment plan and management plan that is to be followed by the patient.
  7. Utilize special chiropractic equipment for treatment purposes.
  8. Modify the joints of the spine via the use of special devices and bare hands.
  9. Inform patients on the appropriate exercises to help rehabilitate and achieve speedy recovery.
  10. Complete paperwork and keep a medical file for each patient.
  11. Maintain complete client confidentiality for their medical files and other paperwork.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Perform other job related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Must have doctorate degree from an accredited school of chiropractic medicine.
  2. Must be Licensure in the state of Alaska.
  3. Have minimum of 3 years of experience.
  4. Must pass background check pursuant to federal Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act requirements.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. RPMS and Electronic Health Record experienced preferred.
  2. Strong organizational, verbal, and written communication skills required.
  3. Strong customer service and quality improvement skills required.

Supervision: This position does not supervise staff.

Physical demands: Position requires standing, bending, lifting, stretching, twisting, reaching, pulling, and pushing when providing physical therapy services. Work is conducted in a clinical environment, in which exposure to contagious disease and to biohazard materials may occur. May deal with highly emotionally or disturbed patients. Must be able to work effectively in a busy, sometimes stressful environment. Some travel is required via small and large aircraft.

Summary: Patients served are Alaska Natives/American Indians, so cultural sensitivity should be exercised. Position requires innovation, ability to envision how to change processes and procedures to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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