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Health Officer, Kennewick, WA

Organization: Benton-Franklin Health District
Category: Chief Medical Officer
Location: Kennewick, WA
Date Job Posted: April 1, 2024
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The Health Officer is the chief medical officer for the Health District, responsible to the Board of Health for all matters pertaining to public health, and for providing necessary assessment and assurance activities related to the health needs of the community. Duties of the Health Officer are specifically delineated in RCW 70.05.070.

Responsibilities include:

Assists the Public Health Administrator in identifying the health needs of citizens residing in the District and works with the Administrator and Board to plan the development and organization of service programs designed to meet those health needs.

Establishes treatment protocols and clinical orders for all Health District programs providing medical care to clients. Assists in the development of a Health District quality assurance program and participates in the monitoring and evaluation of that program.

Assures that the District clinical standards of are consistent with those described by grants, accrediting agencies, federal, state and local regulatory agencies and the resources available.

Enforces the public health statutes of the State, rules and regulations of the State Board of Health and the Secretary of the Department of Health, and all local health rules, regulations and ordinances within the jurisdiction. Emphasis is on communicable disease control and environmental health.

Collaborates with plans and protocols for directing the Health District's program of Environmental Health Services, including food service surveillance, sanitation, solid waste, sewage regulation, water supplies and the Public Health Laboratory.

Establishes plans and protocols designed to control and prevent the spread of communicable disease.

Establishes and/or revises mechanisms designed to collect information descriptive of communicable diseases contracted by residents of the Health District.

Provides information to community physicians and other groups and agencies regarding the need for and requirements of collecting and providing the Health District information descriptive of communicable diseases.

Serves as a liaison between the Health District and community physician groups, hospitals and other components of the community medical care system.

Provides the public with information via media outlets (written and/or on-camera interviews) regarding the causes, nature, and methods of preventing diseases and disability, and methods of promoting and improving health status within the District.

Participates in emergency planning and in the provision of appropriate and assigned services during the existence of emergencies within the jurisdiction.

Perform other such duties as assigned by the District Board of Health, as well as other mandated duties as contained in Chapters 70.05 and 70.46 RCW and the Charter of the Benton-Franklin Health District Board of Health.

Licensure or eligible for licensure to practice medicine in Washington State,


Master of Public Health or equivalent degree,


Five (5) year's experience in a professional medical capacity, including two (2) year's experience in Public Health preferred.

Criminal Background Check required upon candidate selection.

To Apply


-Upload Resume

-Complete Application

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