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Blockchain Technology Offers Unlimited Possibilities to Improve Healthcare

First few Article Sentences

There is a new buzzword in the healthcare industry: Blockchain. But what is Blockchain, what is it supposed to accomplish, and how could it impact the healthcare industry? The simple answer is this, Blockchain is a public list of transactions, similar to a public ledger, that allows for real-time transparency and forbids users from altering, changing or deleting transactional information. All transactions are permanent and allows authenticity to be verified by the entire community. Thus, making fraud much harder to get away with.

Blockchain works off of a decentralized network, meaning it is not stored on just one server or just one network, making it nearly impossible for any one individual to penetrate the network and, therefore, creates a secure environment.

Krizanic, Sarah


Medic Management Group, LLC

Blockchain Technology

March 6, 2018

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