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Hospital EntranceWelcome to the Healthcare News Corporate Web Site!

The Healthcare News publishes trade journals and web sites of interest to employees of hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, insurance agencies and other provider organizations. Each trade journal has its own web site. Some of our trade journals also produce a print edition but most are online only. All Healthcare News web sites offer visitors online job postings and our Consultant Marketplace.

Here is what you will find on this web site.

  • Healthcare News Web Sites. You can see all the web sites under the Healthcare News umbrella by going to this page.
  • View Jobs. We have the best job postings for positions at hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies and provider organizations in the U.S. These postings are also on the individual Healthcare News web sites.
  • Job Links. We provide feeds to many other job boards throughout the U.S. to increase the likelyhood that quality candidates will apply. This page shows all the sites and meta-sites we place our job postings.
  • Doctor Review FilesConsultant Marketplace. If you need to find a Consultant or Vendor to help make your healthcare business more effective and efficient then this is the place. The Consultant Marketplace is on the individual Healthcare News web sites as well.
  • Linkedin. Our business is heavily integrated into the Linkedin platform. Join one of our ten groups to find a job or recruit an employee.
  • Advertise. See our pricing and services for job postings and Consultant Marketplace listings. Every online advertisement appears simultaneously on all our web sites.
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Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy our Healthcare News trade journals and web sites!